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Boosters Are Complicating Efforts to Persuade the Unvaccinated to Get Shots

Dan Mehan, president of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a pro-business group in a state where vaccination rates lag…

Iraqis’ Frustration Over Broken Promises Keeps Voter Turnout Low

BAGHDAD — Iraqis voted Sunday in parliamentary elections meant to herald sweeping change to a dysfunctional political system that has…

Brexit: Most NI checks on British goods to be scrapped

But some goods from Britain can’t enter Northern Ireland at all: EU rules don’t allow certain products, like chilled sausages…

Nicholas Kristof Leaves The New York Occasions as He Weighs Political Bid

After 37 years at The New York Occasions as a reporter, high-level editor and opinion columnist, Nicholas Kristof is leaving the newspaper…

Navy Nuclear Engineer Attempted Espionage, FBI Says

WASHINGTON — A nuclear engineer for the U.S. Navy and his wife have been charged with trying to share some of the United States’ most…

Why Democrats Say Young Voters Are Crucial to Flipping Texas

Instead, he said, national Democratic leaders treated Texas like a piggy bank, raising money from donors who lived there for campaigns in…

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Human Learning And Solid Matter

Rutgers researchers and their collaborators have found that learning — a universal feature of…




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The Body Collector of Spain: When Migrants Die at Sea, He Gets Them Home

ALGECIRAS, Spain — No one knew the man’s name when he washed ashore. His body had floated in the ocean for weeks, and it then sat much of the summer unidentified in a refrigerator in a Spanish morgue. He was one among thousands lost at sea during what has been a record year for migrant drownings in Spain. And he might have been sent with the other unclaimed dead to an unmarked grave if Martín…
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Advatix unveils new expertise options at USC's Annual World Provide Chain Excellence Summit

Options included have been Imaginative and prescient Expertise with Machine Studying resolution for…

Legal challenge to ‘government by WhatsApp’

Campaigners secure judicial review of rules that order ministers and officials to delete instant…


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