2021 Game Awards Host Silent On Activision Blizzard Allegations

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Like the annual Jeff Kelly View Game Awards Entering its eighth year, the Creator and Host Tell Washington Post Today He is still considering how to “navigate” Activision Blizzard’s participation in the party following recent reports of sexual misconduct at the publisher.

“We want to support employees and developers,” Keighley said in a statement. Interview on what to expect at the 2021 Game AwardsWhich will take place on December 9th. “[Keighley] He added that he supported people who come forward with their stories but also did not want to reduce opportunities for developers to highlight their games, ” Washington Post mentioned.

“We have to think carefully about how to move forward here,” he said in the interview. Despite being one of the most prominent figures in the video game industry, Keighley has so far refrained from mentioning years of abuse at one of the world’s largest gaming companies.

Keighley and The Game Awards did not respond to a request for comment.

Activision Blizzard, who faces Lawsuit filed by California regulators Alleging years of widespread sexual discrimination, harassment and other forms of abuse, he is one of the few firms on The Game Awards’ advisory board. In addition to Activision Chairman Rob Kostich, the board of directors also includes executives from Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and many other giants in the gaming industry.

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picture: Game prizes

Executives from manufacturers of these consoles in particular have been among the few voices to have spoken, albeit internally rather than publicly, lately. bomb investigation by The Wall Street Journal About misconduct at Activision Blizzard that implicated its CEO, Bobby Kotick.

While Thousands of publisher employees Kotick called for his resignation, Nintendo America President Doug BowserAnd PlayStation Chief Jim Ryan, And Xbox Chief Phil SpencerEach of them emailed their employees to express their disgust and concern about the allegations, although no specific changes to their business relationships with Activision Blizzard have been announced.

In addition to recognizing the hard work and technical achievements of game developers, The Game Awards are also a giant marketing platform for game companies to announce their upcoming games. Last year, Activision used the event for Show the first season from Call of Duty: Cold War Black OpsPost launch war zone Content.

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In the latest episode from Inside Game AwardsKeighley, a podcast series promoting the show, emphasized that new game announcements and trailers are by far the most popular part of the event, and the number one reason why most viewers tune in. He also spoke at length about working and collaborating with game companies that coordinate the selection of trailers each year. Keighley stressed to Washington Post That the 2021 show won’t include anything about the recent postponement of Blizzard’s show Diablo IV And Monitor 2, but did not say whether other Activision Blizzard games might appear.

However, the accusations of misconduct and abuse are not unique to Activision Blizzard. In addition to the growing amount of reports about the crisis in many studios Often nominated at The Game AwardsOther members of its advisory board also faced criticism. Sony’s PlayStation division was recently sued by a former employee Allegation of gender discrimination. Microsoft has faced a number of accusations of discrimination On The Years. Reports The culture of sexism In Riot Games It eventually led to a gigantic settlement. The Ubisoft that you encountered Having a huge #MeToo account last year, current and former employees are still accused of failing to do so Take complaints of misconduct seriously.


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