2022 NFL Playoffs: Who’s In, Who’s Out?

The drama about the final teams that would make the NFL postseason isn’t spelled out until the last possible moment of the regular season, when Las Vegas Raiders They beat the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday night by scoring a field goal in the final game of overtime to claim one of the two remaining AFC berths.

The Raiders’ 35-32 defeat to the Chargers ended the season with the Los Angeles, and because the Indianapolis Colts (9-8) were upset with the Jacksonville Jaguars (3-14) earlier on Sunday, Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1) Infiltrated the field with a strong victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

The Raiders and Chargers could have both gone through the playoffs with a draw, and it looked as if both teams would be happy without a win in a lot of overtime. But Daniel Carlson scored a field goal as time expired to give Las Vegas the win, and the seeds for a more favorable playoff.

Wild scenarios last game of the season made extraordinary results in the first NFL season with an extended regular season of 17 games. The final day of the season, which ran until the end of the second week of 2022, featured five AFC teams battling over the remaining two berths. San Francisco 49ers He took last place in NFC by beating Los Angeles rams.

The two games completed on Saturday went according to seed, keeping the winners alive for a higher rating in the supplement. the Kansas City Chiefs, who beat the Denver Broncos, remained in the running for the AFC top-seeded and first-round race, ending any long-range opportunity. New England Patriots or Cincinnati Bengals They may take the first seed for themselves.

Late match between play-off Cowboys in Dallas And Philadelphia Eagles It was mostly meaningless — and lifeless, because the Eagles rested their starting quarterback, Galen Hurts, and had a bunch of Covid-19-related absences — but it helped determine both teams’ NFC ratings.

Eagles, for example, will play Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4). The Bucs blasted off the post-season with an easy home win that set them the team record for the regular season wins they had in their Super Bowl winning season in 2002.

During Sunday’s early games, it was Tennessee Titans The No. 1 seed in the AFC knitted by fending off the humble Houston Texans. That wiped out Kansas City’s hopes of getting the top seed bye to the first round.

The Colts failed to snatch one of the two remaining wild card berths in the AFC with a loss to Jaguar, one of the worst teams in the league. A Colts victory would have closed the door to the playoffs for both crows and the Steelers.

the Bengals (10-6) He had already won the North Asian title, but with Kansas City winning on Saturday, their game against the Cleveland Browns didn’t help their playoff rank.

the buffalo bills (11-6) and patriots (10-7), who had two places in the supplement before Sunday, was vying for the East Asian title, which greatly affected their rankings. The Bills beat the Jets (4-13) and the Patriots lost to the Miami Dolphins (9-8), handing the band’s crown to the Bills and forcing the Patriots to fly next weekend… to Buffalo.

the Arizona Cardinals (11-6) lost an opportunity to claim the NFC West by defaulting against the Seattle Seahawks (7-10), handing the division title to Los Angeles rams (12-5) who lost to San Francisco 49ers (10-7) in overtime.

He also eliminated the 49ers’ victory over the New Orleans Saints (9-8), who beat the Atlanta Falcons (7-10).

the Green Bay Packers (13-4) has already snatched the top seed bye bye to the first round in NFC

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