247Sports’ All-Combine Team from the 2022 National Combine

San Antonio – The All American Bowl National Combine wrapped up inside the Alamodme ​​Friday and 247Sports brings you the best performing players from the event.

The All-Combine team was compiled by 247Sports analysts Gabe Brooks, Andrew Ivins, Tom Lowe, Mike Roach and Steve Weltfong.

Alpha Dog / MVP in general

CJ Car

Saline (Mich.) High Top247 2024 was the show’s best player overall, accurate to several throws on the field, and often putting the football where only his man could get it. The 6-foot-3, 190-pound Carr has a smooth throwing motion with all the arm talent required in position. Early performances include Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame and Wisconsin where he visited this fall for the games.

Best attacking player

Sacofi White

The sophomore, who attends Cartersville (Ga.) Cass, displayed an impressive combination of speed, ball skills, and impressive jumping ability. Although not the biggest player, he easily devised his break from his defensive back and was open throughout the afternoon. Maryland offered White’s return in June. Visited Notre Dame in October.

Best player in defense

Jeremiah Anglin Jr.

Don’t be surprised if Anglin turns out to be a popular name within the hiring departments. After collecting five assists as a rookie, Anglin, who is a cousin Derwin James, picked up four more during Friday’s 1v1. The two-way star from Lake Wales (Florida) is far from a full-fledged producer, but his best football is definitely still ahead of him.

First team attack

QB: CJ Carr (2024) – Best player overall

QB Austin Novosad (2023): Dribing Springs (Texas) quarterback was a high school three-star and Baylor committed to the higher calling signal in the morning session. His clean movement, smooth movement, extreme accuracy and ability to throw at just the right timing made an impression.

RB Roderick Robinson II (2023): A blast in positional drills, the swinging back was a tough cover for linebackers in 1-on-1s including two grabs down the field. ecstatic in Oregon and California early in his operation.

RB Jayden Scott (2024): A really flexible rear tail that created an easy separation for second-tier defenders. Arizona and Miami offered.

WR Sacofi White (2024): Best Attacking Player

WR Simage Pierre (2025): Nobody could cover Pierre, who was probably the best runner in the camp because he was such a tough cover. The Louisiana native has already reported an offer from Mississippi. There will likely be more Power 5 bids on the way.

WR Andrew March (2025): Marsh has proven his ability on all levels of the field as he demonstrates multiple ways on the tree and his powerful ability to get off the line. Pushing his defensive back vertically, Marsh showed impressive volleying skills in swinging hands in several notable tackles.

WR Jordan Allen (2025): The offensive coaches working in camp haven’t stopped talking about Allen, who is only 14 and played JV at Buford (Georgia) last fall. He was one of the few enemies that Anglin defeated.

WR Camdon Frere (2024): The son of a former FSU receiver, Freer snatched his fastest 40-yard dash Friday back 4.59—twice—on the laser. He is also talented at baseball and is recruited to play both sports in college.

in a Morgan Pearson (2023): Pearson is another dual-sport athlete who will have opportunities to play baseball at the next level. He beat defenders and was competitive on the pickup point, which is always encouraging for a bigger body.

in a Dallas Winner Johnson (2023): Outside St. Louis (Mo.) Cardinal Ritter, Wiener Johnson triumphed over most of his reps including perhaps the catch of the day, a one-handed obstacle deep above the middle for the landing.

OL Terry Adams (2023): New Orleans prospect Warren Easton was perhaps the best singles attacking linebacker in Friday’s event. His size, height and mobility dominated in 1v1 matches against some of the most outstanding defenders.

OL Deandre Carter (2024): Santa Ana (California) Mater Dei shined on the left start on Friday thanks to the strength of his phone booth and surprising mobility compared to his massive size. The O-lineman could become the versatile elite.

OL Isaiah Robinson (2023): Robinson’s length swallowed defenders during most of his 1v1 action. His influence is a work in progress, but Lamar’s advantage in Arlington (Texas) markedly improved his conditioning and mobility.

OL Sam Pendleton (2023): Buffalotown (North Carolina). Reagan’s position assembled powerful actors from home and abroad. He’s broad-bodied and stout on his lower half, which allowed him to sit up and create a wall on several odds.

OL Jimothy Lewis (2024): Lewis Raw, but possessed perhaps the most impressive physical foundation of any offensive lineman in attendance. He’s still learning the technical nuances, but Madison (Miss) Ridgeland Academy has been outstanding for natural athleticism and sheer size time and time again.

First Defense Team

DL Colin Coates (2023): Coates, a man with an inwardly large body, shows a sudden explosion. The distinguished Baltimore St. Francis Academy combined the flick of close quarters with the strength expected of D’s handling of his stature.

DL Thomas Collins (2023): The Swedish front-line defender graced himself on a number of occasions on Friday, showing impressive running speed and versatility. The juice of Collins’ pursuit could allow for some sharper shots in the long run, but he might better fit an indoor spot in a one-gap scheme that takes advantage of his fast interior moves.

DL Weekly Turner (2023): An impressive prospect, Turner won his fair share of singles matches while encouraging surprising anticipation, explosiveness and resilience off the edge. Turner can fit into multiple schemes, but his style has a stand-up who can sometimes play in space.

DL Brad Spence (2023): Klein (Texas) Forest utilized his speed and leanness to win multiple singles games as an accelerator. Spence may live on the edge for the long haul, or play ball as a traditional full-back.

pound – Kevin O’Connor (2023): Easton (Md.) shone more prominently than any player in the same position with multiple passing fractures as he ran back of sorts throughout the afternoon. He’s tall and bodied, a two-way player at the high school level who threw nearly 1,800 yards and 17 touchdowns with 11 tackles for losses and four sacks.

pound – Robert Edmonson Jr. (2023): The Shadow Creek (Texas) superstar got some passes and dropped several more. One of the most physically impressive possibilities, too.

pound – Nehemiah Sageaw (2023): Outside of Bellflower (California) St. John Bosco, Sagiao looks set to take on a bigger role next fall. The contestants struggled to make things happen against him as strikers in 1v1. He cleared the roads, made plays on football and covered the field.

CB – Jayden Coleman (2024) – Senior defensive back, Coleman was aggressive with his hands and able to release some balls. He’s attending City of Phoenix (ALA).

CB – Taishawon Wilson (2023) – Wilson looked like an angler who could make an impact in the Saturdays slot. Not only did he run the second fastest 40-yard dash during the test, but he was consistent in coverage and able to get his hands on multiple passes.

CB – Emilio Lagarde (2024) – Aggard was already a member of the Top247, and proved to be one of the smoothest defenses during foot drills. A citizen of Philly is quick to incite and respond. He also has a good sense of how to cover on the outside.

CB Donavan Velord (2024) – You can only tell that Phillord is from South Florida based on his physical playing style. He was aggressive in coverage and managed to break several passes during 1-on-1s. Pittsburgh already offered.

s – Jeremiah Anglin Jr. (2023) – Best Overall Defensive Player

s – Jaylene Heyward (2024) – From a frame/building point of view, not much in the defensive line-back looked like Heyward. The Sunshine State Headquarters was light on its feet and flashed the ability to flip its hips and reach the deeper parts of the field.


Quarterback: Marcus Stokes (2023), parker quietly (2023), Danny O’Neill (2024), Aidan Gray (2023), Walker White (2024)And Brooke Glenn (2023), De Shaun Purdy (2024), Chase McRafee (2024), Emile Piccarella (2025)

running back: Gabe Suchuk (2024), Justin Baker (2025), Terrell Cox Jr. (2024)

Wide receiver / narrow end: Raiden Brown (2023), Apollos Cook (2023), C.J. Jacobsen (2023), David Wells (2023), montreal valley (2023), I, Marion Stewart (2024), TJ McWilliams (2023), Allen Middleton (2023), Cameron White (2023), Baylin Brooks (2023)

offensive line: Raymond Pulido (2023), Logan Richert (2023), John Mold (2023), Ethan Hubbard (2023), Isaiah Kim (2023), Dylan Senda (2023), Louis Cordova (2024), Caden Jones (2023)

line of defense: Caffeine Cool (2023), Zacharias Keith (2023), Jaden McKinney (2023), Sadiq Clements (2023), Cole Roberson (2023), Jacoby Murray (2024), Eddie Turk (2024), Jakim Stewart (2026), Cashon Thomas (2023)

Back: Mackay Williams (2023), Brandon Miyazono (2023), Henry Takax (2023), Caleb Lavalle (2023)

defensive back: Antonio Cotman (2023), Shelton Lewis (2023), Dwight Bottle (2023), Kahlil Ali (2023), Dillon Thinman (2023), Jay Avery (2023), Shagwan Rice (2023), Jamil Thomas (2023).

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