5 tips for beginner cruisers from a crew member with 20 years at sea

5 tips for beginner cruisers from a crew member with 20 years at sea

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  • January 13, 2023
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In fact, Galzy says he loved his time in Asia so much that he decided to move to Bali, where he has lived for six years.

What is the most beautiful harbor you have ever visited?

The French city of Bordeaux is one of “the most scenic ports I’ve ever had the privilege of calling at,” says Galzy. With its Gothic and Romanesque buildings perched right on the water, not to mention the region’s numerous castles and vineyards, cruise ships should make sure they’re on deck to enjoy the views while docking in the city, which itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Heritage belongs to World Heritage.

Which part of the ship has the best view?

If you’re looking for the best views onboard, first-time cruisers might be tempted to go all the way to the upper deck. But according to Galzy, it’s the opposite. “The heart of the ship offers the best view,” he says. On lower, more central decks you can look over the waterline and have a better chance of seeing marine life such as leaping dolphins, which are considered a good omen among sailors. The heart of Galzy’s ship, the Seven Seas Splendor, houses his general manager’s office and front desk, but it also houses the ship’s expansive atrium, a cocktail lounge, the passenger-popular Pacific Rim restaurant, and an infinity pool in front of the Aft deck for undisturbed enjoyment Views of the ship’s wake, the sea and the sunset.

What’s your best packing tip for long voyages at sea?

Strategic packing can be crucial to enjoying a cruise. Passengers should focus on packing their clothes to avoid wrinkles and “bring a good book to read poolside or before bed,” Galzy said.

Avoiding wrinkles is key when packing for a cruise, as irons aren’t allowed in cabins (and the cost of washing and ironing clothes can be exorbitant). Savvy cruisers know to unpack as soon as they arrive on board and carry an anti-wrinkle spray to avoid a wrinkled look. Some frequent travelers also bring organizers over the door to maximize closet and storage space. Other essential items to take on a cruise are a refillable water bottle, a rain jacket, and a travel plug adapter.

And don’t worry if you forget your book or don’t have room in your suitcase for a thick tome: many cruise lines have lending libraries where passengers can find a wide range of reading material, from crime fiction to historical biographies to travel books to upcoming ones destinations.

Which cruise excursion should every cruiser do at least once?

Though some veteran cruise lines skip shore excursions to enjoy the ship’s amenities like the spa or pools with fewer crowds, some tours are essential, according to Galzy. One that every passenger should take? “Al-Khazneh [also known as the Treasury building], in Petra, Jordan, which was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007,” he says. “I recommend getting to the temple Indiana Jones style – on horseback!”

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