7 products to help you stop snoring

7 products to help you stop snoring

If you’re a snorer, you know that few things are as annoying as snoring, for both you and your sleep partner. It doesn’t matter if you snore because of sleep apnea, sleep disorders, sinus problems or your sleeping position, you can still find anti snoring device solutions and options for your problems.

Luckily (or not) many people snore, so the market is full of anti-snoring products. So if you think you have, or have been diagnosed with, sleep apnea, you should work with your doctor to find the best anti-snoring device and treatment option for you.

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Most of these products are not suitable as long-term treatment for moderate to severe sleep apnea. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices are still the gold standard for treating sleep apnea, but if you can’t tolerate one, your doctor may be able to recommend alternative snoring treatments.

However, if you’re just a light snorer who doesn’t have any serious underlying health issues, one of these eight products — most of them budget-friendly — can help reduce your snoring (and consequently reduce sleep problems). disadvantaged bed partner about being tormented by the snoring noise).

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breathe properly

Breathe Right Nasal Strips are said to relieve nasal congestion at night, but the mechanism also happens to reduce snoring. Placing a strip across the bridge of your nose will help keep your nasal passage open, allowing air to flow in and out more smoothly. They won’t help you correct a septum deviation or anything like that, but it’s a simple fix that can improve your breathing under the right circumstances. According to reviews on Amazon, these strips have helped reduce noise levels and the frequency of snoring throughout the night.

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snoring needle

You’ll get price alerts for SnorePin™ Advanced Anti Snore Nose Vents – The Natural and Effective Snoring Solution to Ease Night Breathing – 4-Pack Plus Free Protective Case

This tiny nasal dilator is an anti-snoring device that looks like two baskets connected by a hook. Each of the “baskets” is inserted into a nostril and held in place by the hook around the cartilage that separates the nasal airways from your nostrils.

The Snorepin is designed to widen your nostrils and make it easier to breathe while you sleep, thereby reducing snoring. Some Amazon shoppers have had trouble with the Snorepin’s fit, but many say it’s worth the $25 to try if your snoring problem is bad.

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If you’re one of those habitual snorers who only snore when you sleep on your back (or worse, snore when you sleep on your back), the Zzoma Positional Therapy device could solve your snoring problems: this positional device prevents you from snoring roll your back back while you sleep, helping to minimize snoring.

It’s prescription-only for now, but if you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea and can’t adjust to a CPAP machine to solve your snoring problem, ask your doctor about the Zzoma machine.

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Smart Nora

Smart Nora is a pillow insert that you slide into your pillowcase under your pillow. The snoring device listens while you sleep and when it detects snoring sounds, the insert inflates to gently move you into a new sleeping position.

Because Smart Nora detects snoring sounds, it may not work for you if you have very light snoring. It may also work best for people who sleep on their backs, but the website claims it can work for side sleepers too.

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sleep number

If you don’t want to spend $359 on Smart Nora, you can try a simple wedge pillow instead. Many people who sleep on their back and snore in this position find that raising your head at night can reduce or even eliminate snoring — the raising keeps your throat tissue from relaxing too much and keeps your tongue from sticking back slips into your mouth (one of them). the causes of obstructive sleep apnea) to keep your airway open.

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You will receive price alerts for Jisulife Portable Humidifier

A humidifier will not cure snoring if something like sleep apnea is the cause. However, if your snoring is triggered by dry air, dry sinuses, a cold, or allergies, a humidifier may provide some relief from those conditions. If you’re unsure if it’ll work, start small with a budget-friendly portable humidifier like the $18 Jisulife. Even if it doesn’t help your snoring, it can help in other ways.

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My slumber yard

The GhostBed Adjustable Base is a good remedy for snoring, which also significantly upgrades your bedding.

Lying flat in bed increases pressure on your windpipe and nasal passages. Complete with a preset anti-snoring mode, the GhostBed Adjustable Base elevates your head and torso into an optimal position, leaving your airway less compressed and obstructed. In a clinical study, results showed that an adjustable bed frame reduced symptoms in up to 67% of habitual snorers.

In addition to the anti-snoring mode, the adjustable base also features four USB ports, under-bed lighting, three massage modes, and more.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions about a medical condition or health goals.

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