A cold and windy week is ahead in Southern California

A cold and windy week is ahead in Southern California

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  • February 13, 2023
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Cold temperatures and high winds will sweep across Southern California this week, prompting warnings of potential damage.

According to David Gomberg, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Oxnard, the first temperature drop is expected Monday night when light rain could fall over the Los Angeles Basin. Tuesday and Wednesday evening temperatures could drop into the 30s accompanied by strong winds.

“It’s definitely the coldest thing we’ve probably seen so far this season,” Gomberg said. “You could chop down some trees. There could be power outages.”

During the day, he said, temperatures will hover in the mid-50s to 60 degrees. On Tuesday night, the temperature in downtown Los Angeles is expected to hit a low of 39 degrees, while some areas in the valleys could drop to the low or mid 30s.

The National Weather Service has issued a strong wind warning for regions likely to experience damaging blasts, including Antelope Valley, the Santa Clarita Valley and the Los Angeles Mountains.

Gusts are expected to reach 80 to 70 mph in some areas and 40 to 55 mph on coasts and valleys.

“The other areas of LA, like the San Fernando Valley and the LA Basin, will also see quite a bit of wind,” Gomberg said, adding that the colder air is being brought into the region from the upper parts of the Midwest and Canada . “It just won’t be quite as strong.”

The Los Angeles County Department of Health also issued a cold weather warning for several areas, urging residents to take precautions to prepare for the cold. Areas on alert are:

Santa Clarita Valley: Tuesday through FridayLancaster (Antelope Valley): Monday through FridayMt. Wilson (LA County Mountains): Monday through Friday San Gabriel: Tuesday through Thursday Pomona: Tuesday through Thursday Woodland Hills: Tuesday through Thursday Burbank: Wednesday through Thursday Downtown Los Angeles: Wednesday Malibu: Thursday

dr Los Angeles County Health Officer Muntu Davis issued a warning warning people not to use stoves, grills or stoves to heat their homes because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
“Children, the elderly, and those with disabilities or special medical needs are particularly at risk in cold weather,” Davis said in a statement. “There are places where people can keep warm, such as emergency shelters or other public facilities.”

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