A packing list for every type of vacation

A packing list for every type of vacation

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  • January 15, 2023
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Here at Traveler we always think about packing lists. And while there are some things that we find that we fall in love with and want to take with us on every trip, no matter the vacation destination, specific trips require very specific outfits, luggage and travel accessories. With that in mind, we’ve put together a bevy of guides for just about every unique experience you might find yourself on: a camping trip, a cruise ship, a European city break, a visit to a theme park, and more. Scroll through for shopping inspiration and links to our best packing lists for any type of trip – we hope they help you prepare for your next vacation, whether it’s a foodie city break or a Disney family vacation.

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Essentials for every trip

Packing for a trip can be exhausting. Between preparing for the inevitable and the unknown, you may find yourself burdened with a mountain of things that don’t really cover both. A solid list of essential items to take on every trip is an easy way to reduce packing stress. Check out below the essentials we never leave home without—and neither should you.

documents and currency



travel accessories


We asked well-travelled pros for their tried-and-true packing lists to find the products that make work trips feel that little bit easier, and curated their selection of holdalls, onboard snacks, skincare favourites, tech essentials and more to make those busy travel days that much smoother do. From portable steamers to nostalgic goodies, here’s a list of favorites you’ll never want to travel without.

Image may contain: dryer, household appliance, hair dryer and hair dryer

PurSteam hand steamer

Image may contain: advertisement, poster, brochure, paper, flyer, text, clothing and apparel

Peace Out Skincare Puffy Eye Spots

Our travels have taught us to pack summer and winter in one suitcase, a lesson we learned the hard way. When you’re away for months, many things that you wouldn’t necessarily take with you when you’re going somewhere for a week become essential. Today, for me, packaging is a very streamlined process. After a lot of trial and error, here are some must-have items for any trip.

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Cozy Essential Vacuum Storage Bag

12 pack

Digital%2520Nomad 2022 Rainleaf%2520Microfiber%2520Towel News For Everyone Zoohouse News

Rainleaf microfiber towel

Whether you’re departing “grand exit” style right after the wedding or planning a short getaway for a later date, preparing for your honeymoon includes packing the right items for the destination, activities and climate. We’ve rounded up some honeymoon packing list essentials to take with you wherever you travel, followed by outfit ideas, comfortable walking shoes and luggage tailored for the location of your choice.

Image may contain: luggage and suitcase

Away The Medium check-in suitcase

Image may contain: clothes, shoes, shoes, clothes, sneakers and canvas

Unless you’re on an Antarctic expedition, packing for a cruise vacation is pretty straightforward: bathing suits, sandals, a Kindle full of books to read by the pool, and you’re ready to go. But there are a few travel essentials that shouldn’t be missing from your cruise packing list – we’ve broken them down into items for relaxing in your cabin, tips for sightseeing and shore excursions, gear for the pool and outfit ideas for a formal night out.

Best%2520Tablets%2520for%2520Travel 2021 Amazon%2520Kindle%2520Paperwhite%2520(8%2520GB)%2520%25E2%2580%2593%2520Now%2520with%2520a%25206.8%2522%2520display%2520and%2520adjustable%2520warm%2520light%2520%25E2%2580%2593%2520Ad Supported News For Everyone Zoohouse NewsImage may contain: clothing, clothing, shoes and sandals

Birkenstock Arizona Essentials sandals

There’s certainly something to be said for the magic of the open road, whether you’re heading out on a last-minute weekend getaway or a week-long trek across North America. While you technically only need keys, a driver’s license, and a set of wheels, add these essentials to your road trip packing list to make your trip even more enjoyable.

Image may contain: first aid, bag and briefcase

Always prepared roadside emergency kit

Image may contain: electronics, telephone, mobile phone and mobile phone

When deciding what to pack for Europe, there are a few things to keep in mind: You want to make sure your travel essentials are versatile, comfortable and appropriate for the destination, while considering the cityscape and climate you are traveling to. Bonus points if you can make your stylish gear more sustainable by wearing clothing and accessories made from recycled or even leftover materials. With these goals in mind, we’ve rounded up some clothing and outfit inspiration for some of our favorite European holiday destinations, from Paris to Lisbon to Copenhagen.

Image may contain: handbag, accessories, accessory, bag and purseImage may contain: clothing, shoes, shoes, clothing and sneakers

Heading to a white sandy beach? Completing a packing list for a beach vacation requires a slightly different strategy that can weigh on travel essentials: For one, preventative measures like face and body sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats are non-negotiable. There are also the basics such as beach bags and swimwear. For a refresher on things you don’t want to forget, consult our Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List before your next trip to the seaside.

Image may contain: diaper and bagNews For Everyone Zoohouse News

Nomadix double-sided towel

Packing for a safari is a science: you need to be prepared for changing temperatures, high sun and lots of dust, as well as cocktail hour and a dip in the pool – and having all your safari outfits, plus toiletries and gear, packed around in a soft duffel bag with a to fit strict weight limit. We asked our resident experts and trusted specialists for help to narrow down the best safari outfit ideas.

Safari%2520Outfits 2022 BARBOUR%2520Sanderling%2520Zip Up%2520Utility%2520Jacket News For Everyone Zoohouse News

Barbour Sanderling zipped jacket

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, human, person, standing, suit, coat, coat, shirt, sleeve and long sleeve

When it comes to ski touring packing lists, we’re big fans of lightening your luggage. That can mean packing everything in an extra-large carry-on or renting heavy gear. From the slopes to après-ski fun, however, there are some must-have clothing items and gear that are best not to rent. And when you know the trusted cold-weather brands to invest in, you can rest assured that this wool sweater, Gore-Tex lined boots, leather gloves and down jacket will last for many, many years.

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, shoes and boots

dr Martens 2976 Chelsea Boots

Ski%2520Trip%2520Packing%2520List 2022 HotHands%2520Body%2520&%2520Hand%2520Super%2520Warmers%2520 %2520Long%2520Lasting%2520Safe%2520Natural%2520Odorless%2520Air%2520Activated%2520Warmers News For Everyone Zoohouse News

Preparing for a trip to Walt Disney World can be daunting — often months are filled with anticipation of choosing a hotel, booking meal reservations, and planning your park-hopping itinerary in advance of the event. But packing doesn’t have to be complicated or involve multiple checked bags.

Image may contain: backpack and bag

Dagne Dover Dakota backpack

Image may contain: cosmetics and deodorant

Deciding to plan a camping trip and knowing where to start — and specifically what supplies to bring — are two different things. Understanding what tent you need and what cookware you should take camping with you often takes far too many hours of research online. Here’s the good news: we’ve done the research for you. Click below for a full rundown of the best camping gear must-haves. (Are you going on your first backpacking trip? We’ve got that covered too.)

Image may contain: tent, camping, mountain tent and recreational activitiesImage may contain: backpack, bag, clothing and apparel

The North Face One Bag sleeping bag

Packing was a daunting process. After doing some research, asking a few friends who had taken similar trips for advice, and ordering as many items as possible to make the 18-day trip as smooth as possible, I was ready to set sail. If you’ve ever had the slightest idea of ​​seeing Antarctica, I strongly encourage you to make plans to visit it once in your lifetime. And when you start preparing, here are tips and recommendations on what to pack based on what’s proven useful.

Image may contain: clothing, clothing, pants, human, person, tights, denim and jeans

Meriwool functional underwear made from merino wool

Image may contain: electronics, hardware, router, modem and tape

Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmers

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