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Adam Pascal on TSA PreCheck, his crossword app, and ancient megalithic cultures

While most theater fans know the Tony Award-nominated actor and singer Adam Pascal through his Broadway roles including Roger Davis in 1996’s original actor “Rent,” Radhams in “Aida,” and Chairman in the 1998 revival of “Cabaret.” , is currently delighting fans on the national tour for “Pretty Woman: The Musical”. The show will take place at the Boston Opera House from January 18-30. Pascal, 51, plays Edward Lewis, the role best known for Richard Gere in the hit movie from 1990. On a phone call from Philadelphia, where the show was made before heading to Boston, Pascal – who also starred in Pretty Woman: The Musical” has been on Broadway for a while — he said he and co-star Olivia Valley, granddaughter of singer Frankie Valley, bring something “unique” to the characters played in Gere and Julia Roberts. “I’m biased, but I think Olivia really found something interesting and interesting and different with these two characters that people haven’t seen before,” he said, adding that the show’s makers “definitely brought the concept of female empowerment into the story.” He also described the sheet music by Brian Adams and Jim Vallance as “amazing”. The Bronx native, who grew up on Long Island in Syossette, New York, said audience reactions to the show were “fantastic – better than great” and said he looked forward to bringing the show to Boston. The father of two sons — Lennon, 20, and Monty, 17 — said he has an affinity for Cape Cod, as he has spent many summers with his family in Wellfleet over the past 20 years. We caught up with Pascal, who has lived in Los Angeles for many years but said his home is now “on the road” to talk about all things travel.

Favorite vacation destination? Japan. I felt a deep connection with the country, culture and people from the moment I got there. I’ve been through a few times, but my first time was in 2009 when I was on an international “rent” tour that I did with Anthony Rapp, one of the other original characters of the original company. We stayed there for a month and totally fell in love with it. Every time I’ve gone since then, I’ve gained this deeper connection with the country, which is weird being a Jewish kid from the Bronx.

Favorite food or drink while on vacation? My favorite thing is the opportunity to explore eating options while traveling. I don’t have one thing to stick to.

Where do you want to travel but don’t have to? Peru and Bolivia. I am very interested in the ancient rock cultures and these countries have some of the best monuments on the planet.

One item you can’t leave home without when traveling? My crossword puzzle app.

Corridor or window? Passage. I pee every 20 minutes.

A childhood favorite travel memory? Driving from Long Island to Orlando and Miami. We lived in Syosset and the four of us (including his mother and older sister) were piling on my stepfather’s giant Cadillac. We spent five days at Disney World, then five days in Miami at this hotel called The Newport, which doesn’t exist anymore. I have great memories from those trips.

Do you feel guilty when traveling? When I travel and I’m here on the road, I do it because I love it, so the whole thing is a bit like guilty pleasure, you know? You can live on your own and get care. It’s like being a big kid.

Best travel advice? Get a TSA pre-screening. It’s all about comfort. I spend a lot of time in airports and the hardest and most annoying part of going through the airport is the TSA screening, so doing a pre-screening is a simple process for me, it takes away a lot of stress on flying. Flying and traveling is very stressful at first — for me, it’s the most stressful part — and now, with TSA PreCheck, it’s pretty much eliminated.

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