Amazon removes some Nazi-related products after complaints from Jewish center

Amazon removes some Nazi-related products after complaints from Jewish center

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  • January 15, 2023
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Amazon has dropped some Nazi and neo-Nazi sale items after angry complaints from a prominent international Jewish organization.

The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center on Thursday slammed Amazon for “monetizing Nazi and neo-Nazi paraphernalia” in a statement on its website — and sent an email to the company, demanding that it “remove these items immediately.” target.

“At a time when 63% of all religion-based hate crimes in America are targeting America’s Jews – 2.4% of the US population – at a time when blacks are once again the primary target of racial hate crimes, should Amazon will not consume its business model of merchandising hateful symbols and neo-Nazi paraphernalia,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean and director of global social action at the center, in a statement.

The center provided screenshots of some of the products for sale, including a swastika necklace and bracelets, other jewelry, badges and pins that displayed or evoked Nazi symbols.

Amazon said in a statement to the New York Post that it uses “proactive mechanisms” to “detect offensive offers before a customer even sees them.” Our technology continuously scans all products for sale for text and images that we believe violate our policies and immediately removes them.”

Company officials also noted that the “range of potentially objectionable products is nuanced and diverse” and the number of products offered on the site is vast.

Although Amazon removed a number of the items, similar products were still available for sale, Gizmodo reported Friday. Cooper then told Gizmodo that Amazon needed to respond to the Simon Wiesenthal Center. He said he was angry that the company couldn’t act proactively to keep hate off the site.

“It’s just not acceptable that the biggest business giant on the block is playing wack-a-mole games instead of fixing things,” Cooper told Gizmodo.

Amazon has a policy on offensive and controversial materials. It bans products that promote intolerance of race, religion or sexual orientation.

In a related controversy, just last week, Walmart stopped selling boots marked “KKK” online. Walmart deleted an online listing for hiking shoes with a red “KKK” on the tongue, telling Business Insider it was investigating how the “inappropriate merchandise” got onto its platform in the first place.

It’s not the first time Amazon has run into trouble over anti-Semitic products.

A year ago, the Simon Wiesenthal Center sent a letter to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, demanding that Amazon remove more than 20 Nazi propaganda films that were either for sale on Amazon’s online portal or on its Amazon Prime video network streaming were available.

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