An in-depth analysis of in-flight drinking etiquette

An in-depth analysis of in-flight drinking etiquette

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  • March 18, 2023
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MK: But people want that little celebratory glass of wine or champagne, some people need to take the edge off, it shouldn’t be taken away entirely. By the way, does alcohol hit you more in the air?

AE: I researched this before we sat down and found that it’s not really true that alcohol hits you harder at high altitudes. What I can’t believe is what with the lesser oxygen. But I’m not a scientist.

CH: Even without that scientific evidence, I think your environment in general influences how you behave when you’re drunk. So when you find yourself in that quiet and cramped, uncomfortable space and you drink and you become that cop in a china shop, it’s natural that you’ll feel inclined to rebel against all those limitations you’re so uncomfortable with… the benevolently unintentional ones As a result, it becomes all the more uncomfortable for everyone else.

MK: There are also people who travel on business, work or sleep. It’s a place to work in this moment, or it’s a place to rest in this moment. Not just a bar.

CH: It would be a very expensive bar and it would be a very bad experience. My only first-hand experience of drunk people on airplanes was mundane. Recently returning from Florida, after we were already on board, we were told that our departure would be delayed by an hour. The woman in front of me was plastered, she got drunk at the airport, but she just couldn’t complain to anyone about that at random, and when she cursed I couldn’t even understand it because her pronunciation wasn’t right. t there. It wasn’t very interesting, nor was it very disturbing to see her screaming indignantly into space – it’s not even a story! She didn’t go far enough, it wasn’t a great achievement.

AE: There’s no glory in being drunk on a plane.

MK: To put everything we say on its head, I’ve been on a lot of flights with crying babies and wild kids and you never say anything. You accept it’s part of the flight, switch off and go about your business. You let people do their thing!

CH: Yes, let people do their thing!

AE: Can we close with a note on peeing? This goes all the way back to the middle seat and even the window. If you drink a lot and pee a lot, then you make your seat neighbors get up. But maybe that’s a personal factor — that I don’t want to make people stand up for me. Actually, I take back everything I said. If I wasn’t cursed with a little bubble, I’d be drunk on airplanes all the time.

MK: I agree. I even wonder if I need coffee at the airport for this reason.

CH: You guys are so considerate – I drink my coffee, I drink my wine. But I always sit in the aisle.

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