Armored Core Game Allegedly Revealed via a Survey by Elden Ring Developer FromSoftware

A new entry in the Elden Ring-developed Armored Core series has been revealed through a survey sent to consumers.

Red Liquorice from ResetERA shared that they recently completed a consumer survey on “a new Armored Core game with description, screenshots, and two 30-second videos of gameplay – the first boss fight and the second most game in the world, Snowy Region.”

They weren’t able to share any screenshots because they are all “watermarked unique identifiers”, but they did share an image from the text description of this purported unannounced game.

The description of the game reads “Melange, an unknown substance that can greatly advance human society.” “In the past, matter caused a cosmic cataclysm on Bachtar that engulfed the surrounding star systems, eventually losing its existence. Decades later, Melange’s interaction was confirmed again on Bachtar.”

“In search of the unknown substance that should have been lost, various speculations begin to circulate. Various parties are involved; government, corporations, cult, unknown mercenaries… The protagonist is one of them.”

The game is described as a “TPS (third-person shooter) mecha action title that lets you move around a high-volume map representing a unique sci-fi world with dynamic mechanics.” It is also said that the aforementioned science fiction universe was created by Hidetaka Miyazaki himself.

Miyazaki, director of games for Dark Souls, upcoming Elden Ring, and even Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer, actually started his career by working as a game planner on Armored Core: Last Raven in 2004.

The description also evokes “a broad field that represents a multi-layered world;” Long and short-range battles with guns, blades and armor; A high degree of customization allows players to fine-tune their mechanics to suit their playing styles.

Red Liquorice went on to say that the boss fight they saw was “very spiritual” and that a brief glimpse into the gameplay hinted at the possibility of cooperation.

They also claim that the survey listed some options for a possible name for this project.

“Most of them were basic armor: [Something] Including only ‘Armored Core’ and both AC:6 and AC:VI and other translations I don’t remember, some picks didn’t include AC in the name at all,” said Red Liquorice.

Finally, they shared a brief description of what they apparently saw in the video and what the first boss fight looked like.

“The coach had a vaulted head and it was bigger than the player but not huge,” said Red Lycoris. “If I had to guess, I’d say this was like an early boss along the lines of Asylum or Taurus Demon, obviously complete speculation there, but it wasn’t particularly cool or impressive like a meeting. Boss had a life bar on screen (in the top of the screen (iirc) – very simple but was more of a red LED design, futuristic as you might expect, and angular edges on the life bars rather than a straight rectangle.”

Obviously, it’s important to take this news with caution, but FromSoftware previously stated that it has no intention of ending the Armored Core series. In 2018, Miyazaki hinted that a new entry was in development.

With Elden Ring launching on February 25, 2022, it might not be too long before we find out if FromSoftware is in fact planning to return to Armored Core for its next game.

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