Australia’s Covid ‘vaccine’ rollout secretly directed by US military: report –

Australia’s Covid ‘vaccine’ rollout secretly directed by US military: report –

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  • January 14, 2023
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Australia’s Covid ‘vaccine’ rollout secretly directed by US military: report –

(Natural News) All of this tyranny we told you about that took place in Australia during the Covid “pandemic” was secretly directed by none other than the US military, as we now know.

From the initial lockdowns to the mask and “vaccine” mandates, everything was spearheaded by the US Department of Defense (DoD), which embedded its people into Australia’s power structure to subject the nation to tyranny and genocide.

Pharmacologist Phillip Altman and a group of Australian scientists, doctors and medical academics all claim that the MoD has “played a dominant role in the response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and in the subsequent development, manufacture and distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.” .”

Operation Warp Speed, they say, proudly unveiled and unleashed by Donald Trump before he was replaced by Joe Biden, allowed the Department of Defense to quickly manufacture the injections. These injections, Altman et al. Let’s say he designed, owned and managed all the vials that were thrown into the arms of Aussies, many of whom had no choice but to comply – or else lose their livelihood and ultimately their lives.

According to Altman and his coalition of experts, the Department of Defense spent billions on “large-scale manufacturing demonstrations” that had absolutely nothing to do with legitimate science. It was all a fraudulent psy-op (psychological operation) aimed at generating billions of dollars in new profits for Big Pharma while depopulating much of the planet.

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“The intent was to give the impression that normal regulatory processes were being followed, when in fact they were being bypassed entirely,” explains David James, writing for LifeSiteNews.

“Australian governments and regulators joined in the deception, repeatedly reassuring citizens that sound oversight was in place to ensure safety and effectiveness – even when it was obvious that medium-term safety could not be assessed in such a short period of time and repeated booster shots were required showed that the injections were not effective for long periods of time.”

The Department of Defense was trying to make an aerosolized bat “vaccine” when Covid was released from the Wuhan lab, Altman says

In a paper he and his team put together, Altman alleges that the Department of Defense perceived—or so it claimed—some sort of threat to national security that was then used to hand all power Down Under to the military-industrial complex to hand over to the USA.

“…all decisions from that point to this day have been under their full command and control,” Altman and his allies assert. “Many adverse consequences have been the result of this covert military response to the public health issue.”

The paper goes on to point out that Covid did indeed originate in a US military-aligned laboratory in Wuhan, but that it was originally rigged to create an “aerosol bat vaccine.”

The EcoHealth Alliance was directly involved, which is also well known by now, and US taxpayer money was channeled through Tony Fauci and his National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) into the project, which took place on communist Chinese soil.

Project Veritas also confirmed back in August 2021 that EcoHealth was working on the creation of this “intentionally virulent, humanized, recombinant, thanks to revelations by Maj. Joseph Murphy, a Marine Corps officer working for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). SarsCov to be reconstructed into a…bat vaccine.”

All in all, it is now known that the US military-industrial complex is directly responsible for unleashing Covid and plunging most of the world into a new normal of medical fascism and tyranny.

As Covid “vaccines” continue to kill and destroy, we’ll keep you posted on with the latest information.

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