Bass dedication ceremony on December 11th in front of City Hall

Bass dedication ceremony on December 11th in front of City Hall

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  • December 2, 2022
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Mayor-elect Karen Bass will hold a public inauguration in front of Los Angeles City Hall on December 11, a day before she officially takes office as the first woman elected to the city’s top job, her campaign announced Thursday.

Bass’s midday ceremony takes place on the Spring Street steps of City Hall overlooking Grand Park and includes musical and cultural performances. Bass spokesman Zach Seidl declined to provide details about those performances. Bass will also discuss her plans for the city during Sunday’s ceremony.

The event is ceremonial; Bass’s official swearing-in ceremony takes place in front of the town clerk in a non-public setting.

The broad outlines of the event are similar to Mayor Eric Garcetti’s relatively low-key inauguration in 2013. Garcetti’s ceremony, also on a Sunday, was hosted by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and took place on the Spring Street steps, followed by a free public party in Grand Park.

The outgoing mayor’s oath of office was administered by Kenya Castillo, a 13-year-old voter who Garcetti met when her mother, a janitor, went on strike for better wages. (Castillo, now a sophomore, led the pledge of allegiance at Garcetti’s final State of the City address in April.)

The Bass campaign said in a statement that “holding the ceremony on a Sunday will make it easier for Angelenos to attend this historic event and will ensure that the mayor-elect can spend her first day as mayor bringing homeless Angelenos into the home.” and make our city safer and more livable for everyone.”


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The bass inauguration will be paid for with private funds raised through the campaign, Seidl said. That money is managed through the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles — a nonprofit organization founded by Garcetti that funds civic programs and raises funds from corporations, foundations, and individuals. No pre-existing Mayor’s Fund dollars will be used for the event, Seidl said.

“The Mayor’s Fund is proud to serve as financial sponsor of the inauguration, which will bring the community of Los Angeles together to mark the beginning of Mayor-elect Bass’s historic tenure.” said Deidre Lind, president and chief executive officer of the nonprofit.

The public is invited to the dedication, although space is limited and attendees are required to fill out a digital RSVP form.

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