Biden claims ‘transphobia’ is the same as racism and antisemitism, calls for doctors to protect trans children –

Biden claims ‘transphobia’ is the same as racism and antisemitism, calls for doctors to protect trans children –

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  • December 18, 2022
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Biden claims ‘transphobia’ is the same as racism and antisemitism, calls for doctors to protect trans children –

(Natural News) President Joe Biden has claimed that so-called transphobia is the same as racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry, and has called for the protection of transgender children and their doctors. Those comments proved, according to Conservative political commentator and radio host Glenn Beck, that the world “is officially upside down.”

On Tuesday, December 13, Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act into law, providing federal protections to same-sex and mixed-race married couples. In a speech before the bill was signed, he called for an end to “hatred and violence” against transgender children and the health professionals who provide them with hormone therapy and surgery.

Biden even claimed that “transphobia” was linked to other forms of bigotry and that it was at the root of the recent Colorado Springs nightclub shooting that killed five people. (Related: Colorado Gay Club Shooting Suspect Self-identifies as ‘Non-Binary,’ Lawyers Say.)

“When hospitals, libraries and community centers are being threatened and intimidated … for supporting LGBTQ children and families, we need to speak out,” he said. “We must stop the hate and violence, as we just saw in Colorado Springs, where a place of acceptance and celebration was the target of violence and terror.”

He then questioned hundreds of allegedly “callous and cynical” bills and laws that have been introduced and signed into state legislatures that specifically protect children and their families from doctors who would give them hormone therapy and permanent surgery. He claimed that this unnecessarily scared families and turned doctors into criminals because they “give children the care they need.”


“Racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia – they are all interconnected. But the antidote to hate is love. This law and the love it defends strike against hatred in all its forms,” Biden said.

Biden’s statement about transgender children slammed for being ‘spectacularly dangerous’

“So he wants to show that we love these kids and we need to protect these kids,” said Beck, noting that his prediction that the world was going to be turned upside down has finally come true.

“If the President can say this is for the ‘love and protection’ of our children so that doctors can go in and maim our children, that’s officially on its head.”

Beck is not the only one to sharply criticize Biden’s statement. Notable political commentators, both conservative and liberal, have pointed out how dangerous it is for Biden to rush to the aid of health workers providing medical care to transgender children.

“This rhetoric is so spectacularly dangerous,” said Ian Haworth, a conservative writer and political activist. “By rolling all bigotry – real and imagined – into a political hammer that swings against anyone and everyone, it makes it so much easier for the real bigoted to hide in plain sight. With that, Biden opens the door [more] to hate.”

Off The Press deputy editor Rob Smith wrote: “The Democrats found that if you give in to the ‘Alphabet People’ enough, you can get them to do anything, including moving forward with what I believe will someday happen.” will become one of the greatest medical scandals in American history – the ‘transition’ of children.”

“Once you see what pandering blowhards Democrats are, you can never take your eyes off it,” said Dave Rubin, a liberal political commentator who is himself a gay man. “Please explain to me how chopping off children’s genitals is related to racism.”

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Watch this clip as Glenn Beck talks about how incredibly damaging Biden’s recent message about transgender children is.

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