Biden Fired International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout to RECRUIT him to Sell US Guns for Dems-Controlled Black Box Cash –

Biden Fired International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout to RECRUIT him to Sell US Guns for Dems-Controlled Black Box Cash –

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  • December 9, 2022
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Biden Fired International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout to RECRUIT him to Sell US Guns for Dems-Controlled Black Box Cash –

(Natural News) As you no doubt know, yesterday Joe Biden swapped a high-ranking Russian arms dealer and former lieutenant colonel in the Russian army for a potheaded LGBTQ basketball player who despises America. See The Gateway Pandit’s coverage here and our own coverage here. Trading doesn’t make sense at any level until you consider the following claim, presented to this author by two sources:

Biden and the Democrats are using Ukraine as a slush fund for money laundering, according to two sources who spoke to me independently (and will most likely go public with that allegation today or tomorrow). Using Russia’s special military operation as a cover, the US has sent or pledged over $100 billion in military arms and financial aid to Ukraine, and now they reportedly need a way to turn those arms into cash to launder back into Ukraine’s pockets the corrupt politicians who voted for funding in the first place.

This is business as usual in Washington DC, by the way. Don’t be naïve and think that kickbacks, bribery and money laundering are not part of war. It’s always been part of war.

And as is now reporting – bombshell – Viktor Bout flew an estimated 1,000 supply missions for the United States during the Iraq war. In other words, this guy has been on the US payroll before. He’s a government employee who’s been made a scapegoat. Now they suddenly need him again.

“Notorious arms dealer” Viktor Bout, released today in exchange for Brittney Griner, flew an estimated 1,000 supply missions for the US during the Iraq war

—Michael Tracey (@mtracey) December 8, 2022

Viktor Bout could soon be selling weapons to collect black money for the Democrats

Viktor Bout, freed by Joe Biden, is a notorious international arms dealer. Convicted of arms trafficking and sentenced to 25 years in US prison, he has the contacts, expertise and geopolitical knowledge to monetize guns. I was told yesterday that Bout will be released on one condition: that he work for the Biden regime to sell US-supplied guns to black market buyers around the world (including the Middle East), effectively monetizing gun sales for Democrats and the US crooked Biden crime family, which is already embroiled in similar schemes in Ukraine and China.

As you can see from the bomb above, Viktor Bout was already working as an arms supplier for the United States during the Iraq war. He’s been on the payroll before.


“Nigerian President Warns Western Weapons Landing in Africa for Ukraine,” reads a recent article on

The government in Abuja claims that weapons sent to the Kiev regime by the political West have started to appear in West Africa. According to Nigerian authorities, illegal weapons have started “leaking” into the region. The urgent warning was recently issued by none other than President Muhammadu Buhari himself.

This suggests that the black market for US arms sent to Ukraine is already thriving. Where there is money to be made from dumping guns, experienced gun dealers will find a way to profit from it. This is Viktor Bout’s speciality. He is widely regarded as one of the most capable people in the world when it comes to raising gun sales for untraceable money.

Additionally, we already know that Barack Obama and Eric Holder ran Operation Fast & Furious, which enabled the sale of high-profile guns to Mexican drug cartels. This was deliberately encouraged by the Obama regime as part of its “gun control” agenda in hopes that these weapons would be used in more mass shootings in America, giving Obama an opportunity to call for a nationwide ban on assault rifles.

Yahoo News even reports today that the Pentagon “fears Viktor Bout…may resume his old arms deal.” This news was likely inserted into the corporate media news cycle as a cover story for the proposed arms deal that Bout is set to conduct:

“I think there’s a concern that he might go back to doing the same job he did in the past,” a senior defense official told reporters at a briefing on Thursday.

Of course he will. That’s the point of releasing him. The weed-using, America-hating basketball player was of no value to the Biden regime. It was merely used as a cover story for the ultimate goal: recruiting Bout to work for the Biden regime itself, running guns around the world for the corrupt US government occupiers who also rigged the 2020 and 2022 elections, and conspired with Big Tech to silence conservative voices across the country. (See the latest facts on the Twitter censorship conspiracy at

In other words, Victor Bout is now working for the Democrats. If you thought the FTX money laundering operation over Ukraine was big, wait until you see the tens of billions of dollars in black money being generated from illegal arms sales channeled through Ukraine.

Since the FTX collapse, Democrats need a new large-scale kickback source to fund election fraud and bribes to poll officials in 2024. They need “dark” campaign money. And Sam Bankman-Fried has exhausted its usefulness. He will apparently be replaced by Viktor Bout.

Does this analysis appeal to you? Or do you think Biden traded Viktor Bout away because the LGBTQ basketball player was somehow politically and strategically equal? These trades are not accidents. Biden’s handlers made no mistake. You made a deal. And they made a deal with a guy who was already on the US payroll, selling guns to the Middle East. Is anyone surprised?

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