Bryan Kohberger’s family breaks the silence as “black sheep” appear in the background

Bryan Kohberger’s family breaks the silence as “black sheep” appear in the background

The family of the Idaho murder suspect is urging the public to abstain from judgment and assume he is innocent as more information emerges about his background, including the notion that he is a black sheep in his field of study…criminals Throughts.

A statement from the Kohberger family has just been released — and obtained by TMZ — addressing both the charges against Bryan Kohberger and the Idaho murders.

Bryan Kohberger’s family breaks the silence as “black sheep” appear in the background

It said: “First and foremost, we care deeply for the four families who have lost their precious children. There are no words that can adequately express the sorrow we feel and we pray every day for them to unfold and as a family we will love and support our son and brother.”

The Kohberger family added, “We have cooperated fully with law enforcement to seek the truth and further his presumption of innocence, rather than assessing unknown facts and making false assumptions.” We respect privacy in this matter as our family and the families suffering loss may be expedited by the court proceeding.”

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In other words, they’re standing by Bryan for now … and want to see, like everyone else, what exactly the prosecutors have against him that leads them to believe he’s the killer. The timing of this follows a disturbing profile emerging… of an outsider obsessed with dissecting a killer’s mind to a T.

The New York Times spoke to a handful of former classmates and colleagues of Bryan Kohberger while he was studying at DeSales University and Washington State University, earning a degree in criminology. By most accounts, he was deeply rooted in his major, but to a point where it was repulsive and combative … which reportedly caused conflict in his life.

Washington State University

There are two specific anecdotes that paint a picture of the kind of person Kohberger was in academia—both of which happened at WSU. In one instance, a former classmate of his told the Times that Kohberger once got into a heated argument with another graduate student. Student on a criminology concept… and has been charged with accusing the woman of mansplaining. She was so upset by the conversation that she left the class, leaving personal items behind.

Kohberger was also a TA at WSU, but a student who was in one of the classes he helped teach says he avoided eye contact with all of them … and was reportedly a strict evaluator, taking extensive notes on theirs left papers. It got so bad that students complained en masse.

Memory of Murdered Idaho Students

The same student also alleges that later that fall — around the time of the Idaho murders — Kohberger became more casual about grading and stopped leaving notes on his papers altogether.

There are other reports that Bryan was very involved in discussions of criminology — and the NYT article also notes that he was under the tutelage of professors who focused on serial killers and gruesome crimes. History indicates that many at DeSales and WSU saw him as quiet, awkward, and on his own…while also being overly fascinated with the curriculum.

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We’ve heard other stories about Bryan that make him appear aggressive and quick to anger – but his loved ones clearly don’t want anyone to jump to any conclusions based on this.

Kohberger is expected to forego extradition and is expected to answer charges of first-degree murder in Idaho on Tuesday.

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