Cardi B and Cuban Doll Beef Reignites

Cardi B and Cuban Doll have reignited their meat in an amazing way on Twitter.

Earlier this evening (January 8), it seemed like it all started back and forth when a fan account shared that Cuban had posted a photo of Nicki Minaj to her Instagram Stories, hinting that Minaj was the inspiration for the Cuban leopard outfit. In a music video I came out with.

Cardi B fans have also teased Cardi’s “WAP” video, in which she wears a leopard-print costume, speculating that the Cuban Doll was inspired by Cardi’s upcoming music video.

Cardi was eventually caught off guard after a separate fan account responded with an old video of rapper “Bodak Yellow” showing his love for Kobe. Cardi responded in a tweet that has since been deleted, saying that people have no reason to hate her and it’s just a bandwagon mentality. She wrote: “Ask me why they hate me…They have no reason, just mislead. It’s cool, all haters never succeeded”

Cobain then started sending several subconscious tweets at Cardi which have also since been deleted. In the publications, she denied being inspired by Cardi. Supporters of the Bronx rapper even pulled old Instagram stories showing Cubans listening to Cardi’s music.

but the privacy violation The rapper managed to capture a few of Cobyan’s initial tweets, writing on two of them, “I’m praying for a guy not to marry me just to cheat on me…this is the next level of uncertainty”, and “I can never be inspired by someone who doesn’t listen” to him. Simply stop trying to force that on me.”

Cardi commented on the screenshots with, “You started this whole shit with those two now-deleted tweets, being shaded about inspiration and then my husband. Now that I’ve answered, am I wrong?”

Cuban then responded and said that she and Cardi had not been on the same page since Offset allegedly tried to sleep with Cuban in 2018. This is a notable turning point in the conversation because Cardi then tweeted a video from 2019, in which Kobe tells a TMZ reporter She does not know Offset or that she spoke to him at the time.

To make her point, Cardi posted direct messages between her and the Cuban, in which the Cuban denies that she knows anything about the offset cheating case. Cuban apparently said that her friend Summer Bani at the time was the woman caught in the cheating scandal.

But then Cuban sent out perhaps the most revealing tweet of the night. She claimed in a since-deleted post that she got paid to erase Offset’s name in the 2018 cheating scandal in which Summer Bunni claimed rapper Migos wanted to have a three-way affair with her and Cuban.

“Hey girl, you know I got paid to clear his name,” Cuban wrote to Cardi with four laughing emojis.

Cardi then questioned why Cuban changed her story so many times and fired one last shot that seemed related to why he started playing back and forth in the first place.

Finally, the rappers sent out their last tweets about the situation – at least for now.

Hear Cardi B share her thoughts on Twitter about beef with a Cuban Doll and deny that she bullied Cuban below.

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