CDC in SELF-DESTRUCT mode after failed Covid shots added to childhood immunization schedule –

CDC in SELF-DESTRUCT mode after failed Covid shots added to childhood immunization schedule –

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  • February 13, 2023
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CDC in SELF-DESTRUCT mode after failed Covid shots added to childhood immunization schedule –

(Natural News) The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) continues to reject a growing body of scientific and real-world evidence suggesting that all Covid-19 vaccine programs must be halted immediately. Not only has the CDC failed to provide adequate informed consent to these new mRNA shots, but they continue to urge babies to receive the shots, contrary to logical epidemiology and medical common sense.

The CDC just added the Covid-19 vaccines to the routine immunization schedule for adults and children, despite evidence that the “vaccines” damage immunity and pose new health risks to the population. By adding the Covid-19 immunizations to the already bloated and misguided immunization schedule, the CDC is causing more families and individuals to question the need, safety, and effectiveness of the vaccines already on that schedule.

CDC approves three Covid shots for babies in addition to the 37 vaccine doses routinely given before 18 months

According to the CDC, infants as young as six months old should be injected with the first dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA Covid-19 shot. Before the child turns 15 months, they should receive two more doses. This is in conjunction with the other 37 vaccine doses that are routinely given before a child turns 18 months. Most pediatricians in the United States blindly follow the CDC’s immunization schedule because the survival of their pediatric practice depends on revenue from the vaccines and chronic health problems, which have been shown to be higher in heavily vaccinated children.


Children aged six months to 11 years will be prioritized for the same Covid-19 vaccine protocol, which is currently up to three doses. Adolescents aged 12 to 18 are also eligible for the Novavax Covid-19 vaccines. Adults aged 19 and over are also advised to get two or three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. The CDC did not add fourth and fifth booster shots, both previously approved and recommended by the FDA and CDC, to the schedule.

Parental rights and any exceptions must be respected for all vaccines in the US

By including the Covid-19 vaccines in the children’s immunization schedule, the CDC is allowing state legislatures to make the immunizations mandatory for attending public schools. For the past decade, state legislatures have aggressively sought to override parental rights by subjecting parents and their children to illogical in-school vaccination requirements. The most common legislative tactic is to remove philosophical, religious, and medical exceptions to vaccines. By removing vaccination exemptions from the law, lawmakers are threatening the very existence of parental rights and body autonomy, and are exposing millions of children to unnecessary vaccinations that can do more harm than good. That’s why vaccine makers invest so much time and money trying to abolish state legislatures to abolish the exemptions: They guarantee billions of dollars in profits — a sick cycle of abuse that sometimes destroys the lives of unsuspecting families.

This time, however, more lawyers are poised to sue any state that requires a Covid-19 vaccination to attend public schools. A growing number of officials have vowed not to implement the Covid-19 vaccine requirements, but they need to go a step further and address the parental rights aspect of the law to accommodate any exemptions claimed for all vaccines.

Because parents could always be a choice away from being exposed to a new group of public health officials who would love to implement Covid-19 vaccination requirements against the parents’ wishes. For this reason, it is imperative that parental rights to all vaccines (and all philosophical, scientific, religious, and medical objections) be enshrined in law as part of an overarching Bill of Rights for parents. The health of parents and their children must be protected in the long term.

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