CDC Worked Directly with Twitter and Facebook to Censor Free Speech –

CDC Worked Directly with Twitter and Facebook to Censor Free Speech –

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  • December 10, 2022
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CDC Worked Directly with Twitter and Facebook to Censor Free Speech –

(Natural News) A fourth set of documents released by America First Legal (AFL) shows that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is conspiring with social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have to silence freedom of expression under the guise of fighting “misinformation.”

At Twitter, the CDC has worked together to operate a “partner support portal” for government employees and other “stakeholders” that allows them to flag and submit “misinformation” posts to have them removed from the platform. At least one government worker logged into this portal through a personal Twitter account, the documents show.

Facebook used a similar approach to censorship related to elections. The CDC helped the Mark Zuckerberg empire “socially inoculate” or brainwash the public against anything that threatened the official government version of events about the election, Covid and other matters.

“They used big tech to monitor and manipulate users to censor unauthorized information and fuel government propaganda,” reports explain.

“Facebook, for example, sent written materials to the CDC boasting of having censored more than sixteen million pieces of ‘content’. The content contained opinions or information that the US government wished to suppress.”

The CDC also “worked” with UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO) and IFCN affiliate and “leading civil society” organization Mafindo to combat “disinformation” online.

Mafindo, in case you’re not familiar with that name, is an external “fact-checking” operating partner of Facebook. It is based in Indonesia and funded directly by Google. (Related: The CDC’s smartphone app was recently spotted to contain hidden Russian software.)


So when do the penalties start?

In a statement, AFL clarified what each batch of documents, this is the fourth, uncovered. The first, it said, highlighted the Biden regime’s censorship push against Covid “misinformation,” while the second linked the CDC to Facebook and Twitter.

“The AFL’s first release of documents revealed the explicit collusion between the CDC and Big Tech to censor what the Biden administration deemed ‘misinformation,’ and to advance covert COVID-19 propaganda,” the group said. “The second release built the evidence showing that CDC specifically sent Facebook and Twitter specific posts to remove, throttle, censor or flag them.”

“AFL’s third release revealed that the CDC’s guidelines on mask counseling for schoolchildren were driven by political polls by the liberal dark-money group The Kaiser Family Foundation, rather than science.”

It’s all well and good to learn about all of this, but what millions of Americans want to know is what’s being done about it? Will anyone ever be held accountable for these crimes?

“Every single bastard/bastard, state and private, involved in harming the citizens of the US must stand trial as the French did in 1789 with the ultimate death penalty at the hands of Lady Razor,” suggested an EnVolve commenter.

“We need to build about 500 Lady Razors for DC and every state etc. or put them on a cruise ship and send them to one of the French or US islands that have been used for nuclear testing – that includes previous governments and globalist scum like Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama and others.”

Another wrote that this all points to “the ancient battle of light against darkness” and that “this is not our battle”.

“These are far greater forces than we are at play here,” added this person. “You won’t see ‘justice’ in this system of things (it’s too corrupt) since ‘the whole world is in the power of evil’.”

Someone else joked that what the CDC actually stands for is the “Creating Diseases Center,” which it just about covers.

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