Cheaper chicken wings, affordable avocados: the prices of some of the most popular Super Bowl party snacks have dropped

Cheaper chicken wings, affordable avocados: the prices of some of the most popular Super Bowl party snacks have dropped

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  • February 12, 2023
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Whether they’re Kansas City Chiefs fans, Philadelphia Eagles fans, Rihanna fans, or just watching the big game for the commercials, Americans can all cheer for one positive sign this Super Bowl weekend: prizes from some of the most popular Super Bowls -Party snacks in America are dying.

In a year when overall prices have risen by 6.5%, barely below last summer’s peak, and food prices have risen by 11.8%, the price drop on some popular football cravings is welcome news since Food and drink are the most popular purchases for spectators watching the big game across the country this weekend.

The price of chicken wings is down 22% year-on-year as poultry producers significantly increased their supply this year. In early January, the weekly retail price was about $2.65 a pound — down from $3.38 a pound a year ago.

according to dr Michael Swanson, chief agronomist at Wells Fargo, after being so profitable, the producers decided to house more birds and feed them better, so more wings are now available for wild day. He said a number of items – particularly what someone can throw on the grill – are looking better at the moment.

The price of a sirloin steak, for example, is down almost $1 a pound year-on-year, from just over $11 to just over $10. While the cost of hamburgers remains elevated from last year, the price has been trending down since its peak in July. The price of bacon has also fallen due to supply chain improvements. There is more availability this year due to investments, which could bode well for further cost development.

Another Super Bowl Sunday fan favorite, guacamole, also looks cheaper than it did a year ago. Avocado prices have fallen by 20%. That’s because supply chains for Western and Mexican avocados have improved, as have shipping costs. Add to that the fact that Mexico had a good harvest and producers were ready to move them in time for the big game.

While fresh vegetables are more expensive overall than they were a year ago, prices have fallen slightly in recent months for people looking to create their own vegetable trays. People can also get a touchdown this year when it comes to adding shrimp to their menu – demand has dropped, and so have prices from a year ago.

Despite some good game day deals, some Super Bowl table items have risen in price, notably drinks. The price of soft drinks is up nearly 25% year over year after being one of the slower increases over the last year. The increase is due to increased costs for ingredients and shipping. But Swanson notes that the cost is still quite a bargain, as a two-liter bottle is still under $2 across the country. Another drink that rose double-digits is beer, which costs about 11% more than a year ago, partly due to increased labor, packaging and distribution costs. But wine and other spirits prices aren’t even up half that much year-on-year, and actually fell slightly late last year for those open to other options.

Swanson pointed out that branded snacks — think tortillas or potato chips — have also risen in price as companies catch up from last year. Overall, these snacks are up 11% year over year.

“Fortunately, those are some of the smaller ticket items on the table,” Swanson said of groceries that have gone up in price for the Super Bowl this year. “The good news is that the bigger tickets, the proteins, are the ones that are really seeing the improvements.”

Spending for Sunday’s Super Bowl is expected to reach $16.5 billion on food, beverages, clothing and other purchases, according to the National Retail Federation, up from $14.6 billion last year as it is expected more people see the game. That’s about $85 per person. Food is the most popular at 79%, followed by clothing at 12% and TV at 10%.

The poll found that of the 192.9 million people expected to watch the game, more than 103 million are planning to throw or attend a party, while nearly 18 million are going to a bar or restaurant. For 42% of viewers, the game is important, while 18% indicated the halftime show. Another 19% said they watch it because of the commercials – which explains why some of the biggest companies are willing to shell out $7 million for a 30-second spot during Super Bowl LVII.

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