China Replaces ‘Zero-Covid’ Policy With ‘Zero-Non-Covid’ in Confusing Attempt to Save Economy –

China Replaces ‘Zero-Covid’ Policy With ‘Zero-Non-Covid’ in Confusing Attempt to Save Economy –

China Replaces ‘Zero-Covid’ Policy With ‘Zero-Non-Covid’ in Confusing Attempt to Save Economy –

(Natural News) Standing on the brink of collapse, the Chinese economy is the Xi Jinping regime’s top priority as it completes three years of the “zero Covid” policy.

From January 8th, the communist country will return to “normality”. There will be no more lockdowns, no more masks and no more travel restrictions – although some fear opening the locks will cause even more problems.

One of them is Nathan Su of The Epoch Times, who wrote that Xi is ending zero Covid and replacing it with “zero non-Covid” “to save the regime’s ruling power at the cost of Chinese people’s lives.” Su clearly believes that Covid is a threat and that China’s reopening will spread new “variations” around the world.

In March, as every year, China’s “annual stamp legislation,” as Su calls it, will convene. He expects the number one focus to be “saving China’s economy as it is on the brink of collapse” after three years without Covid tyranny.

“Party leader Xi Jinping is clearly willing to pay any price to reopen the country,” Su writes. (Related: At one point, New Zealand attempted “Covid Zero” only to fail after the number of new Covid “cases” began to skyrocket.)

Will China’s rapid reversal from zero Covid be good or bad for the world?

Chongqing City and Zhejiang, two provinces of 88 million people, are already reopening as usual, urging working citizens to return to work even if they test “positive” for Chinese flu — as long as their symptoms are “mild.”


A local official in Shanghai says his office also received a notice urging everyone to get back to work. The aim, the statement said, is to move the city towards Covid “peak status”.

“Let those who should become positive become positive, and let those who should die die,” this person explained anonymously, using a pseudonym, which is what the clue practically says.

Other countries are already seeing an influx of Covid-positive travelers from China. In Italy, for example, about 50 percent of incoming Chinese visitors test positive for the disease.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) emergency chief Michael Ryan, the reason for China’s sudden spike in Covid cases has nothing to do with the country’s reopening.

“The disease has spread intensely because I believe the control measures themselves have not stopped the disease,” he said of the millions of new “cases” that have been reported. “And I think China has made a strategic decision that that’s no longer the best option.”

Some of the earliest signs of a reversal of China’s zero-Covid policy came on September 30 last year, when Xi and other top Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders appeared for a memorial service in Tiananmen Square — mostly unmasked and in close proximity Proximity of such another.

“The images from the service show hundreds of people at the event not wearing masks,” Su writes.

“For a country that has enforced the principle of mask-wearing as part of its zero-COVID policy, the event was the first clear sign of the regime’s imminent policy shift.”

Time will tell how China’s reopening affects the rest of the world. After all, we are only a few days away from the floodgates being opened wide and life in Far East Asia going back to “normal”.

“True virology science shows that lonely segregation has absolutely weakened the immune system,” one commenter wrote of how the lockdowns imposed on most of the world during Covid were making people sicker, not healthier.

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