Covid syringes designed to cause harm, pharma exec warns –

Covid syringes designed to cause harm, pharma exec warns –

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  • January 24, 2023
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Covid syringes designed to cause harm, pharma exec warns –

(Natural News) It’s not that so-called “vaccines” happened to be ineffective and deadly. Rather, they were designed as such, according to Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova, a 25-year pharmaceutical veteran-turned-investigator who says the Department of Defense (DoD) had “very clear intentions to cause harm” by committing a “mass genocide.” “Performed Americans.”

Under the control and direction of the Department of Defense, drugmakers like Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen began mass-producing the shots for Operation Warp Speed ​​— long before the first cases of “Covid,” it turns out, even surfaced. These “flagship” organizations, Latypova points out, merely obeyed orders from the Ministry of Defense.

This means that the US military oversaw the creation and deployment of these “Covid countermeasures,” as they were classified before they were incorrectly called “vaccines.” That’s why they called it Operation Warp Speed: because it was military warfare, not a “public health” operation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also played their part, expediting emergency use approvals (EUAs) for the deadly drugs, followed by official approval for some of them — and the rest is history. (Related: Did you know that Covid injections cause Parkinson’s disease?)

Back in December, Latypova laid all this out in a video lecture, which you can watch below:

Covid shocks train the body to ‘destruct itself’, Latypova warns

The core of Latypova’s presentation claims that the Department of Defense, Big Pharma, and Big Regulation (the FDA and CDC) are conspiring “to commit mass murder through bioterrorism and information warfare operations worldwide.”


“The evidence is overwhelming that there is intent to harm people through the Covid-19 injections, so-called ‘vaccines’ and other nonsensical Covid response measures being implemented in lockstep by governments around the world,” she said.

Again, it’s not as if the shots were intended to help people, but just happened to be dangerous. Latypova says they were intentionally designed that way as a chemical and/or biological weapon against the people, which she believes is backed up by the extensive literature, studies, scientific discussions and (and) evidence published on the subject.”

“There are numerous injury mechanisms built into the Covid-19 injections,” she continued. “The important thing is that these syringes are designed to get your cells to attack themselves, get your cells to express antigens, which are toxic spike proteins, and then make antibodies to attack the attack cells. So it trains your body to self-destruct.”

In other words, nothing about these injections is safe, let alone effective – unless the real goal was to massively depopulate the world. In this case, the injections work exactly as intended – and the worst is yet to come.

From the start, the safety signals were “obvious,” says Latypova. And yet no one in any position of power seemed to notice these safety signals, or perhaps they deliberately ignored these safety signals because the goal was to kill people.

“These shots have no effect,” reveals Latypova. “In fact, we know there is a negative efficacy, meaning these shots make you more likely to get sick and die.”

During the production of the shots, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) were completely ignored, also evident from the design, to further ensure a lethal product outcome. Had proper safety standards been maintained, the shooting might have ended less fatally, which would have gone against the agenda.

“We found these products to be dirty, contaminated and not what the label says at all,” says Latypova. “And they’re enormously toxic by nature.”

“They should all be stopped immediately and this should be properly investigated. And we should bring those responsible to justice, hold them accountable. Until that happens, we cannot continue.”

If you want to learn more about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines, visit

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