Cowboys at Saints score: Dallas picks off New Orleans, Taysom Hill to snap two-game losing skid

Things didn’t start out perfectly for either attack, with both teams faltering due to a combination of good defense and poor execution en route to the Dallas Cowboys to hand the New Orleans Saints a 27-17 loss at the Caesars Superdome Thursday night, and despite the absence of coach Mike McCarthy, who has tested positive for COVID. -19 earlier in the week. Recently, in early November, these two teams were going down two very different paths than they were going into this match.

The Cowboys were winners six in a row and not only were in complete control of the NFC East, but in a leadership manner that also put them in a position to try to secure the top seed in the conference. The Saints 5-2 and their win over Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – ready to make waves in the NFC South and maybe more. But having their fight in prime time in Week 13, the Cowboys lost three of their last four games and the Saints lost four in a row.

Something had to be done for one of these clubs, and it did, as the Cowboys used their defense to push Taysom Hill to surrender and take down an uneven performance by their offensive counterparts.

Why did the cowboys win?

It was Dak Prescott & Co. who drew first blood, on a first-quarter ride that looked a lot like the prolific group the NFL used to see from Dallas – big plays coming from both Amari Cooper and Siddi Lamb (both back in Week 13) He was crowned with a twisty landing catch by Michael Gallup. Not to be outdone, Taysom Hill returned to work with the goal of making a case for himself a lasting start for the Saints, and got help from Lil’Jordan Humphrey wide in a 24-yard touchdown to open the second quarter.

But just when I thought it was going to be a barn burner did things calm down offensively again, the Cowboys were grazing a six-point lead, and the Saints hoped to stop them becoming anything more—especially given Dallas’s possession of the first offensive line for the second half.

Hill and the Saints threatened to hit the dirtier wages for the second time in the first half, but rookie forward Micah Parsons and Cowboys defense wouldn’t get any. Parsons slipped back into coverage in second and 10th from the 26-yard line in Dallas to deliver a breakup pass that nearly landed harmlessly on the grass, if not for Jayron Kearse’s dip while pulling both feet at the same time to secure an eye-popping interception of Dallas’ adult streak. It’s 5 yards long, and a grab-and-go takeaway that was a huge blow to Hill.

From there, it was an all-out onslaught by the Cowboys’ defense that ruled the day – landing four interceptions in the evening and, in doing so, tying a franchise mark set in December 2010 – which even included the pick of six from defensive line Carlos Watkins. Dallas’s two-game losing streak is now over, and Dan Quinn (who was also acting head coach) and his defense can thank for stealing gumbo from Sean Payton’s kitchen.

Why did the saints lose?

Things didn’t start much better for either team’s attacking early in the third quarter, with the Cowboys going for a three-and-a-half out on their first possession in the second half before Hill found himself working his way into the Saints’ subsequent leadership, but it ended with a field goal off Kicker Brett Maher Road. But, just like that, electricity found its way into the field, but not for saints. Tony Pollard was running backwards exploding for a 58-yard touchdown that hit a bunch Payton and was the straw maker the Saints never recovered from.

Hill tried to impose his will again, via an unforgettable snag on Damontay Kaze’s safety, but Parsons presented himself again – an important third-place sack gave him a 10 of the season. This removal opened the fourth quarter with great fanfare for the Cowboys’ defense, who then removed the entire case cover, you know.

Despite Prescott’s ill-advised throw that became easy choices for cornerback Marshawn Lattimore, the interception gave Hill another chance to try and score something, they still couldn’t capitalize. In fact, the wheels fell completely instead, with Hill throwing a second interception (this time with a Jordan Lewis-tipped throw and caught by Casey) followed by a third (Tryvon Diggs gave his ninth IQ of the season) and then a fourth. (six Watkins pick) to effectively bury New Orleans in its own stadium.

With a massive opportunity to prove he could be the Saints’ future quarterback, and soon after signing a massive hybrid extension that would earn him millions more if he did, Hill instead showed the world that he’s still great at football management but not Too much in throwing – completing only 19 of 41 passes to go along with those 4 interceptions and a passer rating of 44.2. The Saints needed him to cook, as the quarterback, but all he did was burn the jambalaya.

turning point

After trade objections and saints hoping for a miracle, it was the interception and landing of a huge man by Watkins that sealed the coffin in New Orleans.

play the game

Tony Pollard called the game.

This pregnancy is not a sheep

“It feels so good to leave the house with a dubbing to go home.” — CeeDee Lamb, via Jon Machota of the athlete

What then

The Cowboys will prepare to face the Washington Soccer team in their first fight of 2021, while the Saints head east to face the New York Jets.

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