Deep State Exposed as ‘Protective Racket’ for Biden Crime Family –

Deep State Exposed as ‘Protective Racket’ for Biden Crime Family –

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  • December 19, 2022
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Deep State Exposed as ‘Protective Racket’ for Biden Crime Family –

(Natural News) If you’ve followed the Biden family much over the past half-dozen years, you know a few things: 1) They’re not very honorable people; 2) Hunter Biden is a depraved person; and 3) Joe Biden appears untouchable.

Why this? Simple, according to a new analysis by The Federalist correspondent Margot Cleveland: The deep state, through various federal agencies, is running a Biden protection operation to protect him and his corrupt son and brother from any serious legal jeopardy.

In mafia terms, Joe Biden is politically a “made man,” so he will be immune from any liability no matter what he or his family does.

“For years, our federal government has been quietly running a protect-Biden racket. However, the public has only recently – and haphazardly – learned of the efforts that federal law enforcement officials and government employees have made to protect the Biden family secrets. Here are eight scandals our government has suppressed,” begins Cleveland, a Notre Dame Law School graduate.

She went on to cite several instances where Biden has been protected:

The Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal: Just before the 2020 election, the New York Post began publishing a short series of stories based on a copy of a hard drive given to the outlet by Rudy Giuliani. The hard drive copy was from a laptop that Hunter Biden had left in a Delaware computer shop a year earlier. The store owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, made copies of the hard drive after discovering all sorts of scandalous materials on it, some of which he believed were illegal activities and conduct.


But the FBI tried to quash the story by lying to social media platforms and media outlets that the materials on the device were part of a “Russian disinformation campaign.” So the platforms censored stories about the laptop, and the mainstream media dutifully reported the FBI’s lie. It wasn’t until later, more than a year after Joe Biden was in office, that the same outlets released token reports that essentially said, “Oops, we were wrong — the laptop materials are genuine.”

Quietly retrieve the laptop: Again, the FBI has had possession of the laptop since late 2019, but so far the bureau has done nothing. No charges are being filed and as far as we know there is no serious investigation into anything contained on the laptop.

“Had Mac Isaac not made a copy of the hard drive before the FBI seized Hunter’s laptop in December 2019, the FBI could have kept the whole story classified. One cannot help but wonder if the FBI’s true motivation in seizing the laptop was to protect the Biden family,” Cleveland wrote.

Return of Another Hunter Biden Laptop: Cleveland further noted, “Another Biden cleanup may have occurred two months later when the Drug Enforcement Administration raided the office of Hunter Biden’s former psychiatrist, Keith Ablow, in February 2020. In executing the search warrant, the DEA seized a second laptop belonging to Hunter from Ablow’s safe. Although Hunter was under investigation at this point, the government returned the laptop to his attorney.”

Downplaying Legitimate Intelligence Concerns: Cleveland states that the laptop that was in Mac Isaac’s position contained a significant amount of compromising material regarding the Bidens in general, including this revelation: Hunter Biden “believed the Russians had another laptop stolen, the blackmailable material contained the Biden family.”

But nothing has ever been done to address these concerns.

The FBI Conducted a Bogus Investigation as a Cover: The FBI, which readers know to be more of a false flag agency to target political opponents (conservatives) of the Deep State, also conducted a sham investigation into Hunter Biden through, which it then used to dismiss the results as false “disinformation.”

The gun purchase: There is a lot of evidence on his laptop that Hunter Biden was a serious crack cocaine abuser; He even went to rehab a few times to help cope with his addiction. But when he bought a gun in 2018, he apparently lied on his federal firearms background check form when he answered “no” to a question about habitual substance abuse. This is a crime, but this investigation is ongoing.

Keep up to date with the latest corruption cases from the Biden crime family at

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