Diego Luna’s favorite spots in Mexico City

Diego Luna’s favorite spots in Mexico City

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  • December 17, 2022
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My son was born while I was living in LA, and when I returned to Mexico City with him – and then my daughter was born in Mexico – I had a different perspective. It helped me reconnect with the Mexico I grew up in. The things that were important to me, the places my father always took me. The city is surrounded by really cool places to retreat to, small towns with mountains for example, and I started going back to places I hadn’t been to in a long time.

The city also became more and more interesting during my absence. And diverse. When I was growing up it was difficult to find things from other countries and now everything is there. In terms of music, I remember that the first concerts I went to weren’t necessarily the bands I loved, they were just concerts that were happening. Now Mexico City is a place where every successful band plays. The same happens in relation to art, theatre, opera, food. People fly to have a culinary experience in Mexico City. When I was a kid, that didn’t exist. So it’s alive, it’s constantly changing and evolving.

What do you miss most about Mexico City when you’re away from home?

family, loved ones, food. Sometimes I miss the chaos, everything works perfectly like that – there’s a lot of improvisation. I also need the theatre. I love going to theaters anywhere, and Mexico City has one of the largest theater offerings in the world. I grew up with theater and immediately connected to it.

Do you have a favorite theater in Mexico City?

I love the theater at National University. They have different rooms, one is more alternative and one more traditional. Speaking of how Mexico has changed, when I was growing up, theater was either state-subsidized or very commercial. And now there’s a hybrid, and the theater is growing in Mexico, it’s more independent now and it’s very cool.

When you return to the city after a trip, where do you go to eat first?

I love going to Rosetta, my friend Elena Reygadas’ project. The food there is like home and the restaurant has great energy. If she has any mole [on the menu], You should try it. She also has an amazing pasta with Italian sausage and a salt coated white fish that is very simple and delicious. If you have time, go eat at Nico’s too. They have been serving amazing food for a long time. Lots of chefs eating there which is a good sign and it’s always busy. But Mexico City’s dream is that you can sit for two hours or eat standing in just 15 minutes, and it’s still an unforgettable experience.

They live in San Ángel, a neighborhood that many travelers miss. Do you have favorite places nearby that are worth looking for?

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