Do FedEx and UPS Own Tracking Guns for Biden White House?  –

Do FedEx and UPS Own Tracking Guns for Biden White House? –

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  • December 3, 2022
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Do FedEx and UPS Own Tracking Guns for Biden White House?  –

(Natural News) Two of the nation’s largest logistics companies have changed their policies in a bid to coordinate with the federal government over increased Second Amendment restrictions.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen sent letters to UPS and FedEx demanding more information about the policy changes, including whether they were cooperating with the Biden regime’s gun control push.

“To me and many of my colleagues, it looks like the administration … can’t get more gun control through the Senate and House,” Knudsen told Fox News Digital.

“And so they try to pressure their friends in big companies to do it for them.” (Related: Remember when Biden said he wanted to turn the United States into a “digital dictatorship”?)

Knudsen sent the letters after receiving complaints from “several Montanans who hold Federal Firearms Licenses (FFLs)” who informed him that the new information-gathering regulations and practices “are effectively circumvented by warrants.” to quote Fox.

Seventeen Other Attorneys General Also Want To Know: Are UPS And FedEx Working With Biden To Prosecute Gun Possession?

Another 17 attorney generals have joined Knudsen in the investigation, which requires FedEx and UPS to “clear up” their involvement in tracking and reporting gun purchases to the Biden White House.

“According to these reports [FedEx and UPS] now requires FFL owners to create three separate shipping accounts: one for firearms, one for firearm parts, and one for all other firearm-related products,” the letter said.


“Under this three-tier system, gun sellers cannot mix and match shipments, which tells your business whether they are shipping a gun, gun part, or gun-related item.”

Knudsen claims the new guidelines are designed to make it impossible for gun sellers to send shipments containing not only whole firearms but also firearm parts and other paraphernalia.

There are now “three distinct shipping groups,” Knudsen says, that require gun shop owners to keep detailed records of the contents of firearm-related shipments.

“These requirements together allow FedEx to create a database of American gun buyers and determine exactly what items they bought,” Knudsen warned.

A FedEx spokesman told the media that the company is aware of Knudsen’s letter, which is also signed by the other attorney generals seeking answers.

“We are committed to the lawful and safe movement of regulated goods through our network,” the spokesman said in a statement.

If the goal of this new policy is “to share information with the ATF or any other federal agency,” as Knudsen and the others suggest, then Americans need to know about it. You also deserve to know if the Biden White House requested these changes as a backdoor to impassable gun control laws.

“It’s already heavily regulated,” Knudsen said. “It’s not like you can just mail a gun to someone. Federal law prohibits this. You must ship from one state gun license holder to another state gun license holder. Whoever gets that firearm has to go through the same background check as if you were going into a gun shop.”

“So that’s pretty cumbersome and pretty regimented. Well, now we’re in a situation where UPS and FedEx magically come up with this brilliant idea at the same time, each on their own, of needing three different shipping accounts.”

The fact that both companies introduced the new rules at exactly the same time is “extremely handy,” Knudsen pointed out, adding that “this smacks of ATF,” citing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

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