Dollar, Crypto Both Fail as Governments Make Way for New World Reserve Currency –

Dollar, Crypto Both Fail as Governments Make Way for New World Reserve Currency –

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  • January 24, 2023
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Dollar, Crypto Both Fail as Governments Make Way for New World Reserve Currency –

(Natural News) The world is transitioning from a paradigm of Federal Reserve fiat currency dominance to what appears to be a gold-backed digital currency that will eventually serve as the new world reserve currency in place of the US dollar.

The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have already announced plans to create this new gold-backed digital currency to compete with the dollar, which is rapidly declining as the US military-industrial complex loses its grip on control the world.

To level the playing field, especially for smaller nations, BRICS is about to bring a gold-backed digital currency to fruition, and soon. And the recent outages of FTX, Genesis Trading, and other rogue cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms are helping to speed things up.

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“This issue of fraud and money laundering is a recurring motif now that the truth about this exchange is coming out,” writes Stan Szymanski for Encouraging Angels of this power transition and currency control.

“As the implosion of crypto continues to be exposed by money laundering and bankruptcies, the US dollar (and by default the United States) has clearly lost its stranglehold on world currency leadership.”

Soon the world will be free of fiat monopoly money owned by central banks

Finance as it currently exists under fiat-based central banking systems is nothing short of fraudulent. It benefits a few at the expense of everyone else and the fruits of their labor, which continue to be stolen by inflation and the markets’ constant boom-and-bust cycle.


The BRICS idea of ​​tying digital currency to actual gold – and ensuring that gold actually exists through sound accounting – has the potential to create a fairer and more equitable monetary system that is not controlled by the globalists like the current system is.

“The countries of the world are tired of being whipped by Fed policy,” writes Szymanski.

“Gold is the eternal constant… the BRICS will use gold as the fulcrum in launching their new currency. The aforementioned rabid buying of gold by central banks is a harbinger of its future use in broader financial affairs.”

Crypto in and of itself has no inherent value, Szymanski believes. However, its blockchain backbone has incredible utility potential and could serve as a solid backbone for a future world reserve currency backed by real gold.

“Since the emerging world reserve currency will have a gold component, it must also be linked to an electronic medium for the instant settlement and settlement of trades and transactions,” he explains. “Combining gold (value) and crypto (accounting) can make sense if done right.”

A gold-backed cryptocurrency scheme is already in the works between Russia and Iran. This gold-backed crypto enables cross-border transactions instead of fiat currencies like the US dollar, Russian ruble or Iranian rial.

“The world is working feverishly to free itself from US dollar hegemony,” writes Szymanski. “Gold will be a key to the new system as it has been real money for 5,000 years. Crypto will play a role as a transaction and settlement mechanism.”

“To the American public (this is not financial advice – consult your financial professional): If your net worth is invested in dollar-denominated assets, including but not limited to 401(k), retirement plans, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, mutual funds, stocks and bonds and the like, you most likely will not believe how low the value of your wealth can go when your country is not the holder of the world reserve currency.”

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