Dyson Airwrap Complete Review: This is the only hair tool I have to pack

Dyson Airwrap Complete Review: This is the only hair tool I have to pack

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  • November 24, 2022
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When it comes time to pack for a destination wedding or a long-awaited vacation, I always face the same packing problem – how am I supposed to pack all my hair tools in my suitcase? Sure, some hotels or Airbnbs have hair dryers, but not always. In addition, special occasions require particularly hot tools such as curling irons, straighteners and voluminous blow-dry brushes. The solution to my recurring packaging problem: the Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete.

Introduced this summer as an update to the mega-popular Dyson Airwrap, the Dyson Airwrap Complete has quickly become the only hair tool I need to take with me on every trip. This lightweight styling tool comes with six attachments, each offering a unique benefit to your hair. It includes an attachment that dries and straightens the hair, different sized locks for curling and waving, and brush attachments that shape and add volume to the hair.

Attaching the different attachments is easy – press the release button to release the current attachment and twist on a new one. Each attachment heats up instantly and is easy to remove without burning yourself. Depending on the type of hair and the style you want, you can choose between three different heat levels and three different speeds on the device itself.

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Dyson Airwrap Multistyler complete

When I first heard about the Dyson Airwrap Complete, I was skeptical that one device could actually do everything. Now when I travel for special occasions I leave my many bulky hot tools at home and just bring my Dyson along with the attachments I plan to use on that trip. This saves me a lot of packing space, even if I’m only traveling with hand luggage, and helps me to stay better organized. When I’m not using it, I put it right back in its storage box for safekeeping.

Not only does the sleek design and multiple attachments make it easy to carry everything I need to style my hair, the hair tool actually works: it gives me consistently bouncy curls and frizz-free waves that last all night, whether I’m up the dance at a friend’s wedding or at a formal dinner party. I also use it on my daily hair – it gives me a smooth, shiny blowout that lasts for several days. However, my favorite thing about the Dyson is that it works best on wet hair, so it dries and styles at the same time, saving me time getting ready and limiting additional heat damage.

I’m not going to lie – it definitely took me a few tries to figure out what each attachment does and which one works best for styling my hair type. However, once I got the hang of it, I quickly realized why people love to travel with it. It’s easy to use, easy to carry and every time I use it makes my hair look like I just left the salon. Having taken it on a few short trips I can confidently say it’s worth the money – I’ll be taking the Dyson Airwrap Complete on every trip from now on. Save yourself the hassle of packing multiple tools and opt for just one cable.

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