Eagles vs. Buccaneers Game Preview: 5 questions and answers with a playoff enemy

The Philadelphia Eagles (9-8) face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4) at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday. In order to preview this wild card match, I reached out to our enemies at Nation Book. the great Archia’s generation Kindly take the time to answer my questions about the upcoming play-off. Let’s take a look at the answers.

1) How does one slow down Tom Brady and this crime? It’s obviously not easy to do, but quite a few teams have managed to achieve so much this year. What did you take away from those shows?

The Bucs have done a good job keeping Brady clean and straight for the past two seasons. Opposition sacked Brady only 22 times in 719 pass attempts. This is the best in the league. But we’ve seen when defenses are able to reach and reach him a lot, Brady can’t sync with his receivers as often as he likes, so objections are thrown. We see her countless times with the Saints, and in the first half of Week 18 against the Panthers. You can return to the Rams game in the third week as well. When Brady “shakes”, the timing of his throws is, well, negligible. When he is able to dissect the defense after a sudden hit, he is able to release the ball quickly and effectively – even in his fourth and fifth readings. The Philadelphia defense would be wise to reverse the Saints’ success against Brady. We saw little of the same scheme from the Panthers last Sunday in the first half.

2) The Bucs entered the Eagles’ first game with the best defense in the league. Since then, it appears to have declined (equivalent to 13 in opponent yards per carry, 12 in DVOA). How weak are Bucs against running and cruising mids? Do you think they’d be looking to sell to stop the run and put the game to Jalen Hurts’ throwing ability? Request a team likely looking to hit The Rock on Sunday.

Tampa Bay has never been so great against quarterbacks who can scramble. Part of that is because full-backs play so aggressively under the Todd Bulls scheme that when they run into the trenches they lose the quarterback’s containment. The same thing happens when the corners are in press coverage and there is nothing guarding the outer lanes. I can see Hurts easily tearing the pirate with his legs. As for stopping their running defense, Tampa Bay has faced plenty of injuries across the defense line – Shaquille Barrett, Jason Pierre Paul and Ndamokong Soh lost time – as well as the absence of linebacker Lafonte David. All four of these guys are brave against running, especially when they’re all together at the same time and that’s what the team is expecting to see for the first time in a long time this Sunday.

3) Which player and/or match should relate to Bucs the most?

Jalen Hurts without a doubt. As mentioned earlier, Tampa Bay struggles hard against defending quarterbacks. I really expect the Eagles to come in disguised as those built for Hurts. What hurts the most (no pun intended) pirate defense when playing these quarterback modes is when they lag past the hijacker to confuse the second level of pirate defense. If there are a good handful of plays set this way, I’d expect the Tampa Bay defense to be looking for answers.

4) Who is the X-factor of Bucs in this game?

Linebacker Devin White didn’t play where he left off last season. Despite being on the field countless times this season and still showing flashes, he hasn’t been able to finish the plays. He’ll have to reach Hurts often throughout the afternoon if the defense wants any shot to limit the Eagles’ attack.

5) Who won this game and why? Anticipate the result?

I’ve seen a lot of expectations, even from Bucs Nation employees, predicting big double-digit wins by Buccaneers. Many of them even put their Bucs at over 30 points. But I see a closer game than that, especially when we’re supposed to be hit by a storm Sunday afternoon with winds approaching 30 mph. What I would expect is Boss riding Leonard Fournette’s legs with his return this week, applying non-stop defensive pressure on the Eagles’ offensive front, and having enough hour to keep their defense renewed. Tampa Bay beat Philadelphia 24-20, although I wouldn’t be “shocked” if things went the other way.

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