Eleven Madison Park is launching a Soup Kit at the low, low price of $117

Eleven Madison Park is launching a Soup Kit at the low, low price of $117

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  • February 11, 2023
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Welcome to Delicious or Distressing, where we rank current food memes, videos, and other downright untrustworthy news. Last week we talked about the newest drink of the moment, Beaujolais Villages, the wine featured in The Last of Us.

This year’s Grammys, loud as ever, provided plenty of fodder for an autopsy. A record-breaking Beyoncé ended up being snubbed for the awards show’s grand prize in favor of Harry Styles (or, as he’s called in these parts, Olivia Wilde’s ex-boyfriend). Ben Affleck’s bad mood sparked rumors that he was counting down the seconds before he could flee and that he may also hate JLo. But my gaze wandered elsewhere, to the 125 seemingly untouched but incredibly intricate charcuterie boards that adorned attendees’ tables. We can only hope that the celebs will be snacking behind the camera. Gouda to allay your Grammy concerns, Ben?

Even if you’ve been longing to try Eleven Madison Park’s soups from the comfort of your own kitchen, you’re in luck — if you’re willing to shell out a cool Hundo for a set of three soup appetizers. All power to you if so; I’m tuning in to Pamela Anderson’s latest cooking show instead, outfitted with my new Panera wallet, tailored specifically for a baguette.

Since the pandemic began, Michelin-starred vegan restaurant Eleven Madison Park has added “Eleven Madison Home” — for a watered-down version of luxury dining at home. The newest addition: Soup! Or rather, three soup bases for the low, low price of $117. Bonus number one: It costs less than the regular EMP meal of $365 per person. Bonus number two: if it’s a home kit, surely there’s less chance of the meal-making process for the staff becoming a The Bear-style terror? Perhaps foodies can feel less guilty about engaging in EMP in this form given the allegations of food waste and labor problems? Perhaps?! I don’t know, but the restaurant notes that when you buy a soup kit, a portion of the proceeds “helps provide meals to New Yorkers affected by food insecurity.” The downside…they offer meals in partnership with Rethink Food, a nonprofit that recently faced its own allegations of employee abuse. That’s what I call 5/5 disturbing. — Serena Dai, Editor-in-Chief

It’s the 90’s again! Everyone makes thin eyebrows! The Fresh Fresh Prince of Bel Air is on TV! My parents are getting divorced! Pamela Anderson dominates the news cycles! Okay, it’s not really the ’90s, but Pam Anderson is back in the spotlight in large part because of her book and documentary, both of which were released on January 31st. It has now been announced that the Canadian star will also be starring in her own cooking show, titled Pamela’s Cooking with Love, which is reportedly set to start filming from her Vancouver Island home this summer. The show focuses on plant-based recipes that Anderson will prepare alongside guest chefs. “Pamela Anderson?” you may ask with raised eyebrows. “A cooking show?” Yes! And indeed, this isn’t the first time she’s hosted a veggie cooking show — her first foray into it was in 2015 with a web series called The Sensual Vegan, though only one episode remains on YouTube. I, for one, love to see a queen keep winning so I rate this news as Plant based Canadian 4.6/5 delicious. – Sam Stone, staff writer

I feel sorry for my friend and colleague Sam Stone, but it’s actually the beginning. At least in Panera country. Just in time for a hit during New York Fashion Week, the brand recently released a lime green oblong handbag perfectly shaped to carry its new Toasted Baguette – or, you know, a much more delicious sandwich. It’s a clear nod to Fendi’s baguette bags, which first launched in 1997, became popular in the ’00s and were also designed to carry everyday bread. The main difference is that Fendi will set you back $4,200 and Panera’s BAGuette is $39.50 (and comes with a gift card!).
There is no way I would buy a Panera brand bag, which is sold out anyway. I’m just plain agnostic about its appeal and deeply weary of food brands siphoning off the fashion industry to look cool and relatable to the youth. Stay in your bread and butter, Panera. But, like Eater writer Jaya Saxena, I dig the underlying message here: hot girls are going to pull whole assholes out of their purses. 2.7/5 delicious, with bonus points for the pro-carb propaganda. – Ali Francis, staff writer

Actually, we’re in the 2020s — 2023, to be precise. More specifically, it’s Grammy Awards week 2023. The ceremony had winners and losers, but less-than-expectedly, there were huge, stunning platters of charcuterie that no one seemed to touch .

And sure, the Grammys are supposed to be about the music. But as a frequent dinner party lover and snackboard enthusiast, I’m fixated on the charcuterie. It’s pretty scary from a food waste standpoint alone, but I’m wondering – what could the organizers have done differently? Did they leave out a cheese knife so guests know they’re welcome to cut their own slices? Did they ask what kind of treats the contestants would like to nibble on? Did they even stop to consider their sweet and savory balance? Cheeseboards have rules, folks! And also! Beyoncé got robbed! 3.9 Shockingly, America has a (food waste) problem. – Alma Avalle, Digital Production Associate

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