Everyone In Halo Infinite Wears Gray Armor On PC And Xbox

The Spartan wears a gray suit of armor in the Halo Infinite customization menu.

screenshot: Microsoft / Kotaku

For the game with an outwardly deep wardrobe, infinite auraThe player base sure likes to wear the same clothes. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but everyone in the bustling first-person shooter 343 Industries appears to be either gray or samurai.

infinite aura, which saw the free-to-play multiplayer part Released November 15 For Xbox and PC, a bunch of great cosmetics, on par with the course of a game based on such a model. The thing is, most of the great shows are locked behind a firewall. And the ones you can get for free aren’t exactly anything to write home about.

There are two ways to push your way into fancier armor. You can apply through Seasonal Battle Pass, which gives better and more frequent rewards if you pay $10 for the premium version. Or you can check out the cosmetics store, where items can be purchased piecemeal for anywhere from $7 (a bundle that includes a weapon skin, armor skin, and post-match stance) to $20 (a weapon skin plus some armor mods). The store resets weekly. Most importantly, most forms of weapons you purchase are limited to use on a specific set of armor.

If you use the “free” part of the free game, you have ten color options for the default Spartan armor set: blue, brick, brown, cyan, forest green, gray, orange, wise green, violet, and yellow. You can earn additional colors by reaching levels 11 (rock green), 41 (silent purple), 56 (Stone grey, instead of greyish grey), 66 (another gray tone, one speckled with brown spots), 76 (a colored path called “Noble Gate”, which is … gray with a tan breastplate) in the free version of the battle passes. But for the most part, the free color options aren’t particularly good.

Four purple Spartans prepare for an assassin match on the street map in Halo Infinite.

A better world exists. You have to believe.
screenshot: Microsoft / Kotaku

infinite auraSecond set of armor, Mark V [B]Only available to those who pay for the Premium Battle Pass. But an additional third group, samurai-inspired yuri set, was a prize to grab picks for those who played infinite aura during her monthly event. Event Shield is currently only available in one free color: Shadow Bound, which is [drum roll] Really just a synonym for “dark grey”. (No, I decline to recognize the hateful American flag pattern as a legitimate paint job.) There’s also an option with some color in it, but it’s designed to look faded and faded—which means faded colors are still prevalent.

It makes sense for everyone to wear the same things – free things will always be more common than not – but there can be a tactical rationale as well. A lot of infinite auraGray architecture. By rocking a similar faded suit of armor, you won’t stick as much as players wearing, say, the cyan, yellow, orange, or American flag suit.

Gray isn’t the only dominant tone infinite auraplayer base. If you complete all the weekly challenges in any given week, you unlock the customization option. Last week, the prize was an off-white colored trailhead called Willow Tea. Your list of weekly challenges is completely random, but the coronation challenge – the one that actually gives you the reward – is the same for everyone, and last week was a mess: win five kills in the Fiesta.

Typically you can strategize around earning killing spree (five kills without dying) Hello Techniques. In Fiesta, a mode that generates everyone with random gear, it’s impossible to predict what gear your opponents have, meaning last week’s coronation was entirely dependent on luck. If you succeed, you obviously want to flaunt your reward, which is a badge of honor for everyone to see. (Guilty of the charges.) No wonder it’s all over the place this week.

Scroll through the color options for the standard Mark VII armor and you’ll see a slew of options coming, full of instructions on how to get them. Among the crops, there are the vibrant scarlet-red alert (“Stay tuned for more details”), the eye-catching bleached white bone (“Stay tuned for more details”), and Blue colored arctic vacuum (“Available in store now!”). One day we might have a real Crayola box of Spartans prowLing on the battlefields infinite aura. But for now, don’t expect anything more than a sea of ​​grey.


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