Explore the Land Between the Lakes Cadiz, Kentucky

Explore the Land Between the Lakes Cadiz, Kentucky

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  • January 1, 2023
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Known as the largest inland peninsula in all of America, the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area (aka “LBL”) is one of the top reasons to venture to the friendliest little city in all of Kentucky, Cadiz. Whether you’re looking for a wildlife-watching getaway or a longer stay and want to explore charming Main Street, teeming with antiques and other attractions, Cadiz, Kentucky has something for everyone.

While Cadiz is a great place to visit all year round, there’s something particularly poignant about a weekend visit or week-long getaway during the winter months. Due to the forest’s lack of tree foliage and sparse undergrowth, you’ll enjoy even more wildlife viewing opportunities than would be possible at other times of the year. That means you might be able to witness first-hand the majesty of the majestic American bald eagle, a bulging bison weighing over 2,000, the sanctuary’s guttural echoes – including the sounds of clinking antlers – or the harems of female elk, including maybe an impressive 700 pound moose or two. In fact, winter presents the perfect opportunity to take a winter tour by boat or van and keep an eye out for the many stunning creatures that call the area home.

Camping is always in season and is possible all year round in the land between the lakes. There are many campgrounds to choose from including Energy Lake, Hurricane Creek, Turkey Bay and the Wranglers Campground. Each campsite offers unique features that set it apart from the rest. For example, Turkey Bay is known as a hub for ATV riders and off-roaders. This area offers hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails of varying difficulty, and all types of vehicles are welcome.

Lake Barkley State Park ResortLake Barkley State Park Resort Cadiz accommodationCadiz accommodation

Wranglers Campground is another potential campground in the area. This campsite offers 220 clearly defined pitches with electricity and more, and 12 cabins are also available for rent. In addition, this campground has over 100 miles of equestrian trails for you to enjoy, as well as booths, farriery and blacksmith services, and an activity field. Remember that horses have the right of way on this campsite.

Even in the lively winter months, hiking trails are popular and there are several opportunities to take advantage of, including the Woodlands Nature Watch, which allows you to view wildlife at the LBL. The Hematite Trail, a 2.2-mile loop, is another option and is known for its variety of forest wildflowers, amphibians, reptiles, and birds. The Long Creek Paved Trail is a ¼ mile paved trail ideal for those who prefer an easy stroll to a strenuous hike.

Keep the above activities in mind when planning a visit to the LBL this winter. There are many other additional activities you can try, the above are just some of the best!

Complete your visit to the area with a stop in our historic downtown area where you can enjoy restaurants, quaint shops, and shops of all kinds. Interestingly, many of the local restaurants serve a variety of locally sourced produce and meats caught or grown in the countryside nearby.

Some come to get outdoors and experience the tranquility of the winter wilderness. Others prefer the comforts of fine dining with Southern cuisine and discover the specialty shops while strolling through historic downtown. You don’t have to limit your options. With a combination of all this, you can experience the authenticity of rural life. Cadiz, Kentucky awaits your arrival.

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