FTX Laundered Money into Ukraine to Fund Biological Weapons Shelters – zoohousenews.com

FTX Laundered Money into Ukraine to Fund Biological Weapons Shelters – zoohousenews.com

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  • December 3, 2022
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FTX Laundered Money into Ukraine to Fund Biological Weapons Shelters – zoohousenews.com

(Natural News) Cryptocurrency holdings in FTX intended to be used for Ukraine’s war effort were instead funneled into biological weapons shelters, we now know.

The dissolving Ponzi scheme involved collecting investor money and tacitly using it to fund Ukrainian bioweapons projects — all with the help of the National Bank of Ukraine, which laundered money in collusion with Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).

SBF set up a “charitable fund” called the Future Fund, the board of which was occupied by himself and his former girlfriend, Caroline Ellison. This fund, in addition to supporting the corporate-controlled media, was used to build and design bioweapons shelters across Ukraine.

Money invested in FTX was channeled into the Future Fund by SBF, which then disbursed it to Ukrainian bioweapons projects, as well as to the Biden regime and the Democratic Party at large. There were also several Democrat super PACs who received unemployment benefits as a result of the FTX scam.

As you may recall, the Russian Defense Ministry blew up Ukraine’s many US-funded biolabs, only to be accused of spreading “propaganda” and “misinformation.” Now it is undeniable that these Ukrainian biolabs exist and that FTX has played a crucial role in their funding. (Related: Learn more about how Binance, an early FTX investor, is also connected to globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum [WEF] and the Chinese Communist Party [CCP].)

“There are more than 25 US-funded biolabs in Ukraine that, if violated, would release deadly pathogens and spread to the US and the world,” said Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democratic politician from Hawaii who worked on the anti- Establishment heroine in March.


“We must act now to prevent a catastrophe. US/Russia/Ukraine/NATO/UN/EU must now institute a truce around these labs until they are secured and pathogens destroyed.”

Tulsi Gabbard was right all along: US Biolabs are all over Ukraine

Gabbard’s statements were supported by testimony from Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary for Political Affairs in Eurasia. In a speech before Congress, Nuland admitted that biological research labs are indeed dominating Ukraine’s landscape, as Russia claims. Nuland didn’t call them bioweapons labs, but putting the pieces together reveals that they are – especially now with the FTX reveal.

Less than 24 hours after Gabbard made the statements, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who now works as a moderator for MSNBC, called the Biolabs claims “fake news” being circulated by Russia.

From there, pretty much every left-wing media outlet began parroting Psaki’s claims, almost as if they were getting all their talking points and positions straight from the Biden White House.

Not long after, Russia released captured documents as evidence that US-run biolabs dot the Ukrainian landscape, just as Gabbard said. These documents were released just before the United Nations General Assembly.

After that, the Pentagon finally made a public admission that the Biolabs are real and not just fake news concocted by the Kremlin. That means Gabbard was right all along, and now we’re seeing the FTX connection as well.

“It all leads to Covid, the coup, election theft financing, money laundering, outright theft and treason,” one commenter wrote of how all the pieces fit perfectly.

Another wrote that Ellison was not SBF’s “former girlfriend,” but rather a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) representative who covered for SBF and received billions of dollars in bribes in return.

“It was all about bringing Trump down,” suggested another. “It had nothing to do with Covid, the pandemic or any other liberal trash, all orchestrated by globalists at the WEF.”

As the crypto corruption contagion spreads, we will keep you updated with the latest information at CryptoCult.news.

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