Globalists want full financial control – Brighteon.TV –

Globalists want full financial control – Brighteon.TV –

Globalists want full financial control – Brighteon.TV –

(Natural News) ReAwaken America Tour founder and “Thrive Time Show” host Clay Clark revealed the globalists’ plan to take full financial control through a series of technical events around the world, most notably the pandemic of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

During the December 26 episode of “Pass The Salt” on Brighteon.TV, Clark presenter Dave Daubenmire shared how the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum (WEF) and its founder Klaus Schwab have publicly promoted their Great Reset agenda .

“The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is incorrectly calibrated to inflate cases as the sole purpose of COVID-19 is to issue a vaccination certificate [artificial intelligence] AI under the skin,” he revealed.

Clark shared that Todd Callender, an attorney fighting COVID-19 public health mandates, told him that under-skin surveillance has already been done in most Americans by the mRNA vaccines.

“And then he goes on to explain that inside [COVID-19] Shots, there’s modifying nanotechnology that’s connecting people to 5G,” Clark said. “So if you see a 5G tower and you have a shot of RNA-modifying nanotechnology in your body, issue what’s called a Mac Score instant access code now.”

This means people are now being followed wherever they go. Clark added that the final step for the globalists to gain complete financial control is the launch of the central bank digital currency (CBDC).

According to Clark, CBDCs were developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), funded by the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and big-tech mogul Bill Gates.


Clark also linked current economic events to the globalists’ plan, such as 40 years of high inflation and the recent collapse of cryptocurrency giant FTX.

Now that the money laundering has ended, Clark noted that Quant Network CEO Gilbert Verdian is now sharing with the public how CBDCs would improve the global payment infrastructure.

“He [Verdian] said the only way to avoid such a crisis in the future is to introduce CBDCs, which would work by sticking a chip under the skin,” Clark said. (Related: German Economist: WEF plans to introduce a social credit system under the guise of a ‘humanitarian act.’)

Daubenmire: The American justice system is not fair

Elsewhere on the show, Daubenmire mentioned how unfair it is that disgraced FTX co-financier and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) walked out of federal court unscathed and essentially a free man while people defended their rights exercised in the Capitol, continued January 6, 2021 are still in prison.

It wasn’t exactly a big surprise since SBF was a major donor to the Democrats in past elections.

According to CoinDesk, SBF didn’t even have to post a traditional deposit. Instead, he was simply released from custody on what is known as a personal certificate of acknowledgment, which includes his “solemn promise” (and his parents’ promise) to pay the court $250 million if he fails to appear at the trial at the appointed time.

It was as simple as that, Daubenmire remarked. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the demonstrators on January 6th (J6).

“The Constitution guarantees us one of the Five Amendments, Congress may not enact any law establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise of it, or the freedom of the press and speech. And then at the bottom it says, ‘And the right of people to assemble peacefully to seek redress from their government for grievances,'” Daubenmire said.

He stressed that the J6 protesters had no intention of overthrowing a government. “How do you overthrow a government? How does an armed uprising come about when no one has a gun? The weapons were bull horns, flags and banners,” he emphasized.

Follow for more updates on the globalists’ plans for full financial control.

Watch the full December 26 episode of Pass the Salt with Coach Dave Daubenmire and Clay Clark below. Catch new episodes of the program on Brighteon.TV every Monday at 11am.

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