‘Good Sam’ Recap: Series Premiere on CBS — Sophia Bush, Jason Isaacs

Hassan Sam It may take place in a crowded hospital, but the real drama comes from the dysfunctional father-daughter dynamic between Dr. Jason Isaacs Rob “Grave” Griffith and Dr. Sophia Bush’s Dr. Sam Griffith.

Wednesday’s series premiere featured Griff as an arrogant and abrasive chief of surgery who enjoyed creating a rough environment.

As the second man in command, Sam represented just the opposite: friendly and compassionate, but still pretty good at her job. Seeing disrespect and constant undermining of Gref, Sam considered getting a job at the Cleveland Clinic. Before she could make that decision, an armed assailant unrelated to Griff shot him in a random violent act.

Sam’s Rise | With Griff in a coma for six months, Sam steps up as interim chief in his absence. She is a friendly conductor who works through tension by playing the piano. The hospital’s board of directors voted to make her promotion permanent, and Sam prepared to give her acceptance speech during a dinner with major donors that night. In the elevator he insulted Malcolm Kingsley, also the “boring rich benefactor” who was on his way to the party inadvertently. But before she got to the festivities, her mother intercepted her with important news.

Griff hack | Leave it to Griff to wake up when his daughter is about to officially accept her promotion. He did not even congratulate her and was more interested in resuming his duties. Being out for half a year meant having to prove he could still do the job with the watch, which Sam agreed to oversee. However, this did not prevent Gref from questioning her authority. He disagreed with the diagnosis of a new patient, ordering lab tests without Sam’s permission and undermining her at every turn. When Vargas, the patient in question, developed complications from an ulcer, he refused to brainstorm the team about the genetics, confident it was linked to a sexually transmitted disease after Vargas admitted he cheated on his wife.

When Vargas coded, the doctors realized they must have missed something. Gref called a vote for a diagnostic test, and everyone sided with Sam, who thought the procedure was too risky and invasive. Even her best friend Lex (Sky P. Marshall) is starting to suspect her. After thinking about it, Sam realizes that Vargas might be suffering from Chagas disease after being bitten by an insect. However, Gref thought it was too late to save Vargas. “The heart is gone, and you should be able to connect to it,” Sam said.

fairy tale | While visiting Lex, Sam learns that her best friend was having an affair before he fell into a coma. Upset by the betrayal, she decides to stop watching her father. This put Griff in an unfamiliar position – relying on his daughter. He needed her help to get back to the thing he loves, which is surgery, which means getting things right. As his wife Vivian (Wendy Croson) explained, things haven’t been the same between him and Sam since the accident – he was speeding and crashing – which led to Sam undergoing heart surgery.

Forging ahead | Sam decided to have a heart transplant for Vargas and realized that the donor’s heart was too small. She needed a risky operation that combined the new heart and Vargas. This also means calling her dad to talk to her because she’s never done that before. Griff provided his guidance, and once, they were on the same page. The operation was successful, and Sam informed Vargas’ wife of the good news.

Taking Vivian’s advice, Griff tries his version of the confrontation with Sam, which isn’t good. It wasn’t honest, and she called him for never being there for her. Fortunately for him, Sam agreed to continue monitoring Griff as a doctor. But when she was his daughter, she called him quits.

How did you feel about Hassan Sam the first show? Arrange the premiere below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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