Happy cats or soup? How one couple’s felines continue to control of their Vitamix

There is only one problem.

They haven’t been able to open the box for about a month because their three cats take turns sitting on it.

The three cats are unusually drawn to the box, and rotate 24/7, so the box is never without a cat on top. In order not to disturb the cats, who rule the house according to Jessica Gerson-Neeves, they decide to let the confrontation continue until someone gives up.

Plus, it makes them laugh, along with a lot of people on the internet.

Developing a strange charm to their ongoing fight, CNN contacted Jessica to check on the current status of the couple’s three cats at their home on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

While we were talking, their cat Max was sitting on the crate.

So why don’t they just move it and open the box?

Jessica laughs, “Because everything is bad, bad, really bad, and this is ridiculous and funny and the stakes are so low. Like, there’s absolutely nothing about this that’s either bad or sad.”

She explains that it all started the day Vitamix was placed on their doorstep. I took him to the kitchen and put him on the floor for what I thought would be a few seconds. That’s when Max jumped. He looked cute so I took a picture.

“This definitely started off just like, of course, we think our cats are cute because everyone who loves cats thinks their cats are the best cats,” says Jessica. “So we take pictures every time they do anything.” “They really take turns and you know, everyone goes, but what about meal times? Come to meal times! Max is not – and never has been – a food drive. The other two are very food driven, but Max just doesn’t care much. They will eat, but if he Something he’s more interested in, he’ll happily tend to and not worry about food.”

When Max isn’t on the crate, one of his 13-year-old siblings, George: Destroyer of Worlds (“The Mindful Potato”) and Lando Calrissian (“The Questionable Dust Rabbit,”) is.

The box doesn’t have an unusual feel or smell, from what Jessica can tell, it’s just a box.

“I swear a hound’s nose looks nothing like me,” says Jessica. “So if they’re smelling something, it has to be really subtle.”

I started posting updates to an online cat group and the response was “quick and amazing.”

There was not a single moment when the chest was free while the couple was at home, either alone or together. They even send each other photo proof showing who’s on the box. They came out of the bedroom on tiptoe in the middle of the night to find yes, a cat on the chest, guarding it.

“We spend a lot of our days laughing at this point responding to comments and every update,” Jessica says. “Because we post an update every day and I pick from the funniest or most beautiful pictures.”

Cats take turns on the box, but do not like it.

At this point, cats are (sort of) into it, as much as cats can be.

“They obviously know we care because we take a lot of photos and we interact with them when they’re in the box,” says Jessica.

Jessica wrote a letter to Vitamix, thinking they would get out of what was going on as well.

“I thought their social media manager would see that and pass it on to other people in the company,” she explains. “Everyone will get out of it.”

The company sent the couple three empty “decoy” boxes.

They tried one, but the cats quickly realized they preferred the sturdier box with the mixer inside.

Jessica laughs: “This brave attempt failed.” “Without the internal support structure, we kind of had to find a way to put things in there. So the cats wouldn’t fall off.”

To all the people who just tell them to get the kittens out of the box, Jessica got it.

“Did we try too hard? No, because obviously we can pick up cats and put them on the floor. Sure. They don’t weigh too much.”

Instead, the two try to share their amusement.

“This is what our family looks like. Our lives involve a great deal of laughter and love. We keep ourselves living with humor and try to be patient. As my wife says, we find joy where you live,” says Jessica.

And so the mixer remains $450 in the box. No soup. No juices.

“We’re totally overwhelmed with people saying, ‘Oh my God, no, no, no. No, don’t rush into this. Please take your time,'” Jessica says, adding, “There will come a point when we’re going to want to use our new blender.”

What will they do first?

“My wife is super excited about smoothies. I’m a big fan of soup. Really looking forward to some good hot soup. But I think at this point, when we can finally get to the blender, we’re both looking forward to a nice margarita, which we won.”


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