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Holistic Wellness: How Alternative Healing Works When Medical Science Does Not

What is holistic wellness and why is it gaining popularity? Read on to find answers to these questions and more.

The world of science and technology continues to evolve, enabling new explorations through better research. This research, in turn, helps to reveal many new concepts and ideas that are shaping the future of humanity in a new and better way. The practice of holistic wellness is a milestone in healthcare.

While there are plenty of reasons why the concept of holistic wellness is gaining popularity, the fact that it produces tangible results, even when the best of modern medical science falls short, is one of its biggest advantages. But what is the concept of holistic wellness and how can this new approach to healthcare deliver results even in scenarios where medical science cannot? Let’s find an answer to these questions, but first, let’s understand holistic wellness.

What is holistic wellness?

At a literal definition level, holistic encapsulates the concept of wellness as the interdependence between a person’s body and their mental, spiritual and social well-being. Let’s put this idea through a real-world example. Try and remember when you were sick the last time. Now, remember the memories and put them in different buckets. Mark your memories of what happened in your body and what’s on your mind.

You will notice that while the body feels weak, tired and exhausted during these times, the mind also deals with negative thoughts and thoughts that make you feel more stressed and confused. On the other hand, when you feel fit, your brain also feels and works better. This is the kind of interdependence our mind and body share with one another, and that’s exactly what the concept of holistic wellness works on.

Now that we’re clear about holistic wellness, let’s understand how alternative therapy works and delivers results even when modern medical science falls short.

Alternative Healing vs. Modern Medical Science

In Holistic Wellness, we treat the entire disease holistically. Totally changing the rewiring of the brain. It means adjusting your thoughts, your lifestyle, the way you think, your eating habits, your sleeping patterns, basically everything. Which in turn treats our disease, whatever the medical condition we are going through. So, when you contact a doctor regarding a specific problem, the doctor gives you medication for that specific disease for that specific condition based on your physical symptoms. But in our holistic wellness department, we go beyond the body only to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual unity.

We rewire the brain, we work on the brain, how negative we think, how we think because every thought creates an emotion that can be positive or negative. When there is negative emotion, there is stress. And when we don’t work to get rid of stress, it builds up in any part of our body. Depending on the type of stress, it turns into a disease over time.

Usually, in the case of medical science, when it is not able to find or give a solution to any situation, it declares that the patient must live with his situation. But at Holistic Wellness, we believe we can even change the bottom line even when medical science has given up. We achieve this by rewiring the brain, modifying eating habits, sleep patterns, thought patterns, thought processes, stress management, and more. It all comes together to start the healing process.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the idea of ​​holistic wellness is not a magic pill that will fix your condition in the blink of an eye. Like medical science, holistic wellness takes time to show results. So being patient and going with the process are key. And if done correctly, we can see results that are nothing short of magical.

With Holistic Wellness, everything can be cured

Holistic Wellness, when done right, has given some amazing results in the past. People who were left with no choice but to undergo surgery, achieved perfect health without any surgeries. Holistic wellness is also great when it comes to treating addiction patients. PUBG addicts, social media addicts, alcoholics, drug addicts, drug addicts and all kinds of other addicted patients Holistic Wellness can cure them all.

The concept believes in finding the root cause of a person’s illness or addiction. In Holistic Wellness, we delve into the roots of thoughts, accident, and trauma in an individual’s life, and from there, we begin the process of cleansing, making it possible to cure just about anything, even cancer.

Holistic wellness truly makes you believe that there is nothing in this world that cannot be cured. Everything can be healed.

Article contributed by Pritika Singh, CEO, Prayaag Hospital and Research Pvt. Ltd.

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