HOSPITALS ARE being staffed with every room and even SPACE with portable cots… has the spike protein apocalypse begun?  –

HOSPITALS ARE being staffed with every room and even SPACE with portable cots… has the spike protein apocalypse begun? –

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  • December 17, 2022
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HOSPITALS ARE being staffed with every room and even SPACE with portable cots… has the spike protein apocalypse begun?  –

(Natural News) Virginia hospitals are full, almost all rooms are occupied, including emergency rooms, and even portable cribs in the hallways are becoming the norm for overcrowding. As witnessed by investigative reporters and journalists, several hospitals in major Virginia cities are working at full capacity, so that not only is every room occupied, but many portable cots with patients on them are lined up and numbered along the walls of the long hallways.

It’s like a horror scene from a pandemic movie, with people walking up and down the hallways while patients with IV tubes in their arms sleep on cots while people around them cough and sneeze and talk about the bad conditions. It is also most likely a fire hazard, as there are barely enough staff to support patient spillage should an emergency evacuation situation arise. The reasons for hospital bullying can only be speculated at this time, but complaints can be heard in the waiting rooms and at the check-in counters in emergency rooms.

Patients queue for check-in complaining of chest pains, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing and other symptoms, all of which appear to be related to spike protein syndrome – a critical disease caused by millions of prions, which clog the vascular system and the vascular system puts a strain on the heart and purification organs.

Big Pharma collects the money while patients sleep on cots in major hospital corridors as the scam rages on

Should you or a loved one spend the night in a crowded hospital down the hall on a bed for whatever reason, the average cost for that night’s accommodation ranges from a whopping $9,300 to $13,600 depending on the type of coverage or not. coverage you have. This is according to data collected by the Agency for Health Research and Quality, although the quality of care when sleeping in the emergency room corridor leaves a lot to be desired.


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Imagine how much money the hospitals make when every room is full and every hallway is crammed with cots against the wall, spread out about every 10 feet with a sick person, even overnight. The police have to fight against “crazy” people in tantrums. In the middle of the night, police have to escort insane patients off premises during “emergency lockdowns” in hospital emergency areas.

Patients cannot even get a proper rest in the hallways when all the critical care equipment is beeping, supply cabinets are being opened, nurses are speaking at full volume and there are no emergency buttons for patients in the hallways to call for help. How can anyone get well under such conditions or recover from an operation?

Someone might go to the emergency room because the spike proteins are causing small blockages in their vascular system and causing their heart to beat at irregular rhythms. They spend a night or two on a bed down the hall, it costs them $25,000, and doctors can’t figure out what’s going on after running very expensive CT scans and other diagnostic tests. Then after being exposed to many sick patients roaming the hallways with Fauci flu and other RSVs, plus the risk of catching a superbug infection (think MRSA here) from the IVs, and the filthy, crowded conditions , the visit to the hospital could be helpful as a ‘shovel’ to dig your own grave.

A “spike” (pardon the pun) in disease has resulted in a shortage of hospital beds across Virginia, including for pediatric hospitalizations. Richmond Children’s Hospital, for example, reports that it has more than 95 percent occupancy. Could it be related to a weakened immune system due to the Wuhan flu injections and “boosters”? Since the deadly Covid shots were given to teenagers and children, the number of pediatric hospital admissions has risen by 40 percent. Looks like the spike protein apocalypse has begun. How much worse can these hospital conditions get?

Sounds like it’s time to blame those damn video games, referee whistles and cold showers. Bookmark on your favorite independent sites for updates on experimental gene therapy injections. The CDC and Fake News claim they are “safe and effective” when they are actually dangerous and harmful to health.

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