How I Travel: Tony Hale loves a Disney cruise ship

How I Travel: Tony Hale loves a Disney cruise ship

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  • December 3, 2022
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In Tony Hale’s Disney+ show The Mysterious Benedict Society, whose second season concludes this week, a group of brilliant kids embark on adventures across the globe in search of the eponymous mentor. Of course, as so often, Vancouver is synonymous with those amazing landscapes, and it’s a happy place for Hale. “It’s so incredibly beautiful,” says the actor, who spent most of season one filming there amid pandemic restrictions. “It really forced me to dig deep. I’ve hiked a lot, past the Capilano Bridge, or I’ve walked through Gastown and Milltown.” More recently, as things have reopened, he’s found new favorite spots. “I’ve been to these great restaurants, Fable and The Greek [by Anatoli], and there’s a whole outdoor shopping district, Granville,” he says. “It’s not just the industry — it’s much more a melting pot of people.”

His work has taken him all over the world, but it’s actually trips to his hometown that he can’t get enough of, while his favorite vacation of all time may have included Mickey Mouse. Tony Hale spoke to Condé Nast Traveler about hotel pillows, in-flight sleep (or lack thereof), and why grocery stores in other cities are so comforting.

Why airplanes are the best working environments:

I always come up with a book I’ve never read – a book or two that is never touched. But I was just producing this movie called Sketch in Nashville, so I loved taking notes on scripts whenever I was flying. I focus a lot on airplanes when it comes to scripts and notes! [Flying] feels like a constant hug, a white noise hug, almost. It totally confines me and I’m much more focused on an airplane than at home. It’s like a coffee shop where you have people around you but they’re not with you so there’s noise and chaos all around you but I can focus on that.

And the one thing you won’t catch him doing:

I can’t fall asleep ’cause I’m the person that’s like this, does anyone realize we’re in a metal container in the sky? This is very strange! My body keeps saying, “Ah, I have questions. How does it work?” My body just can’t relax. I wish I could.

His first time in First or Business Class:

I think it was 1999 and I was doing a commercial for Volkswagen. They brought me to Los Angeles to do this Mr. Roboto commercial. I’ve always gone business and first class, you know? It was just, “Wow, they have a lot of space in there.” It’s almost the magician behind the curtain, so I couldn’t believe I was there. I still can’t believe it when I’ve flown for business. I am the child who says: Did someone make a mistake? Are you sure you didn’t mean 25-B? I’m in awe that I can sit there and get the warm nuts.

His priorities when planning a vacation:

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