Is your doctor really qualified or was skin color the deciding factor instead of merit?  –

Is your doctor really qualified or was skin color the deciding factor instead of merit? –

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  • November 23, 2022
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Is your doctor really qualified or was skin color the deciding factor instead of merit?  –

(Natural News) The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has released the first-ever analysis of how “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) — which is code for anti-white leftists — has affected the quality of medical education in the U.S. Suffice it to say that modern medicine is quickly becoming a cesspool of affirmative action by unqualified “minorities” who have achieved their positions solely on the basis of skin pigmentation and not of competence or merit.

Hopeful nurses and aspiring doctors no longer need to demonstrate competency or merit to graduate. The most important thing now is skin color or ethnic background, which means that unless it’s white or European, you can quickly advance to the top medical positions even if you lack the skills that are normally required. (Related: One of the requirements for graduating from medical school in America today is verbalizing approval that “white privilege” is real.)

As you might expect, standards of care are going out the window as a result. Patients are receiving the wrong kind of care, the wrong doses of medication, all wrong in some cases because their doctors have given them special treatment for not being white.

While this publisher supports people of all races, races, genders and religions to become medical professionals, such positions must be earned and not gifted based on surface qualities.

American medicine becomes even more unsafe and of inferior quality with wakefulness

The AAMC surveyed 101 institutions representing nearly two-thirds of American medical schools — two were also in Canada — to rate their level of “alertness.” The group noted that Ohio State University College of Medicine is one of the brightest medical schools in the country.


It turns out that pretty much every medical school in the country has woken up to some degree. Not a single institution on the AAMC list scored lower than the threshold at which DEI is considered at least partially implemented — meaning almost all future physicians are indoctrinated and brainwashed into anti-white doctrines, and many of them are likely to become sub-par physicians as a result, putting public health at risk.

“So what’s the biggest wake-up call for medical schools? Affirmative action, for one: 100% have “admission policies and practices to nurture a diverse class of students,” writes Dr. Stanley Goldfarb in an article for the New York Post.

“A full 85% have leaders who within their institution “have used demographics to drive change.” In other words, medical schools are increasingly emphasizing race and gender when recruiting. With this approach, there is a risk that merit is not prioritized, resulting in lower quality medical students.”

“The schools have woken up almost uniformly to many other measures. Ninety-nine percent have leaders who routinely attend local, state, or national DEI forums and divert their focus from actual education. About 98% have created a system for students to report bias, posing a risk of self-censorship by educators who fear reprisals for teaching the more difficult public health topics. The same percentage have started new initiatives or funding streams for DEI, while 97% have “a dedicated office, staff and resources.”

In other words, most medical schools in America now have a full-time and permanent bureaucracy managing DEI that ensures students are fully immersed in anti-white dogma at all times. Meanwhile, those same students aren’t learning the things they actually need to know to treat patients with things like knowledge and skill.

Remember that the AAMC urges all medical schools to adopt all DEI dogmas, which Dr. Goldfarb warns, “This does not bode well for the future of healthcare.” He also warns that with all of this comes a dilution of licensing standards, faculty and research resources, and the overall quality of medical education.

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