Medical Establishment Demonizing Amygdalin, a Powerful Natural Cancer Treatment – Brighteon.TV –

Medical Establishment Demonizing Amygdalin, a Powerful Natural Cancer Treatment – Brighteon.TV –

Medical Establishment Demonizing Amygdalin, a Powerful Natural Cancer Treatment – Brighteon.TV –

(Natural News) John Richardson Jr., the president of the Richardson Nutritional Center (RNC), lamented how the medical establishment demonized amygdalin — a powerful natural treatment for cancer.

“I’m not going to say amygdalin or laetrile is the silver bullet. It’s a complete nutritional plan that my dad had and that a lot of doctors have now,” he said during the March 9 episode “Champions with Kerri Rivera” on Brighteon.TV.

“But I know it’s most demonized [yet] most effective natural treatment out there. And why say demonized? Physicians have lost their lives…and their offices, literally, by treating people with amygdalin.”

The RNC President recounted meetings and conversations with doctors who have used amygdalin in their practices. However, he added that these doctors must keep it a secret.

“You have to keep it private. If they get it out there and talk about it, the wrong people will be after them. And I’ve even had doctors say they’re proven. They know it worked, but they told me they were putting themselves out of practice. They would end their practice if this became known.”

According to Richardson, anything that works or is good will not be known to many people because it will be suppressed.

Richardson is the son of the late Dr. John Richardson, author of the 1977 book Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience. The 2005 edition of the book documented the follow-up of the original patients the elder Richardson treated for cancer.


The younger Richardson said his father’s book is selling more copies online these days. He added that they are now trying to find a patriotic printer to publish physical copies of the book. This, the younger Richardson added, was part of his commitment to continue his father’s mission.

Amygdalin is found in 1,200 different foods

According to Richardson, apricot seeds contain the highest amount of amygdalin in nature. The younger Richardson quoted the words of G. Edward Griffin, author of World Without Cancer, who said that cancer can be eradicated in a person’s lifetime if everyone eats eight to ten apricot kernels a day. (Related: How Laetrile or B17 from Apricot Kernels Only Kills Cancer Cells.)

He also mentioned that there are 1,200 different foods that contain amygdalin and that regular consumption of these foods reduces the incidence of cancer. According to Medical News Today, amygdalin can be found in the seeds of fruits such as apples, cherries, plums and peaches. By eating amygdalin-rich foods, the younger Richardson argued that cancer could be prevented.

Amygdalin has been known for hundreds of years. Today, amygdalin comes in two forms – as ground seed flour or in capsules, the latter being sold under the name Laetrile.

Richardson pointed out that incorporating amygdalin into a person’s diet is key to unlocking its anti-cancer properties. Five to 10 apricot kernels at 20 milligrams (mg) per seed would add up to between 100 and 200 mg per day, an amount he says is good for someone who isn’t ill. However, this amount would not be sufficient for an already ill person. has more stories about natural cures for cancer.

Watch the March 9 episode of Champions with Kerri Rivera below. Champions with Kerri Rivera airs every Thursday from 11am to 12pm on Brighteon.TV.

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