Meri Brown supports patriarchy with Kody – Hollywood Life

Meri Brown supports patriarchy with Kody – Hollywood Life

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Meri Brown supports patriarchy with Kody – Hollywood Life

Janelle is in Flagstaff, AZ on Sister Wives.

Janelle is in Flagstaff, AZ on Sister Wives.

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Meri Brown has stayed with Kody Brown for years, though they’ve had few intimate relationships to speak of since their 2015 catfishing scandal comment he made this season about running a patriarchal household. The comment came amid Christine Brown’s decision to leave Kody and the family. “In that moment, I think I screwed that up,” Kody said in his one-on-one. “I should have been more patriarchal. It’s a silly idea, I realize, but right now I’m like, ‘Ladies, she wouldn’t be going and we wouldn’t have these issues during COVID if only I had been the head of the family.'”

When Meri was asked in their one-on-one interview if she saw Kody as the head of the family, she replied, “I absolutely do.” When host Sukanya Krishnan then asked Meri to clarify if that meant her joining the patriarchy, Meri confirmed: “Yes. But I’m also a strong, independent woman and I can do whatever I want. [Is Kody] will you support me too? It might look like this [don’t fit in the same puzzle].”

meri bronMeri Brown on “Sister Wives”. (TLC)

Meanwhile, Janelle Brown was NOT for a patriarchal lifestyle. “Now all of a sudden his tune is, ‘I’m going to be the head of the household, and if you don’t agree with me, you can’t be around me,'” Janelle said. “He says, ‘Plural marriage is getting in the way of my personal advancement.’ He said that to us once. Maybe he doesn’t want that anymore. Maybe he just wants it easier and easier. He changed his tune.”

While Kody has struggled with Janelle, Meri and Christine this season, things still seemed to be going well with fourth wife Robyn Brown. According to Janelle, that’s because Robyn has committed to the lifestyle that Kody now wants. “The way he wants his relationship to be [is what he has with Robyn]’ Janelle insisted. “We didn’t set it up that way in the beginning. We wanted to work together as a team to raise this family. That was our main goal. There have been no conversations like this about how he will be in charge for decades to come. And now, in the last few years, he wants his life to be more like that.”

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She added: “From what I see on the outside, it looks like Robyn is ready to live that way and that’s great if it works for her. It feels like it would feel good if I had a husband who saw MY perspective the same way he seems to see Robyn’s.” In previews of upcoming episodes of the one-on-one specials, Janelle confirmed and Kody their breakup.

Kody brown wivesKody Brown with his four wives. (Puddle Monkey Prods/Kobal/Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, Meri also seemed to finally be coming to terms with the fact that her relationship with Kody might be over. She was asked about a clip from this season in which he revealed he no longer sees himself married to Meri and admitted he wouldn’t care if she found someone else. Meri revealed that she asked Kody if they should address the fact that they were “not married” anymore, but claimed he didn’t want to do so for fear of judgment.

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During the one-on-one, Meri found out that Kody had actually thought about reconciling with her during their last anniversary (in April 2021) after she made him her famous rice krispie treats. “The expression was sweet and the mood I was in was the right mood to try and think about reconciliation,” Kody admitted. “I was willing to see my flaws and then work to determine if we were no longer getting along well.”

However, according to Meri, those feelings didn’t last beyond the evening of the anniversary. She shared more about what happened that day when the cameras were off. “I put my arms around him and said, ‘What would you do if I kissed you right now?'” revealed Meri. “He was physically… a board. He backed down. He says, ‘I can’t do that.’ I feel good that he thought about it [reconciliation], but it didn’t last all evening I guess. I would be open to it though.” The conversation will continue in the next episode of Sister Wives.

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