Mike Francesa finally has something nice to say about ex-Giants coach Joe Judge

Better late than never.

Former WFAN host Mike Frances finally had something nice to say about Joe Judge, who was fired Tuesday as coach of the New York Giants.

The judge made his first public comments Thursday in a conversation with, thanking the front office, players, coaches and fans for the two seasons he spent on the sidelines.

Resonate it with Francesa on Twitter: “Give Joe Judge credit for walking wisely down the highway with your farewell statement.”

French unloaded on Judge and the Giants after their 22-7 defeat to Washington FC on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

Giants is just a complete embarrassment. An uncompetitive team in attack in every way.

Judge: “Move in the right direction” Six consecutive double-digit losses, the score has been over 106-26 in the past four weeks. He talks a lot. His team is playing very small.

Empty stadium. Empty performance. Empty words.

It’s no secret that Francesa blames the judge for the garbage fire that the Giants launched in season 4-13. He wasn’t drinking Kool-Aid after Judge’s shout-out for 11 minutes after the game that spread after a Week 17 loss to the Chicago Bears.

The judge tells you not to throw anyone under the bus as the list continues to grow (Jason Jarrett, Pat Shurmore, etc.). You can’t talk your way out of a 10-22 record, even if you talk in circles for 11 minutes! Now less is more if he wants that third year.

After losing 37-21 in Week 14 to the Los Angeles Chargers, the judge tried to put something positive in the embarrassing defeat:

“We are making a lot of progress in the future,” the judge insisted. “My scope is always a big picture. I look forward to it every week, week to week, but in the end, my vision goes beyond that. I’m looking long term. … In terms of the sheer scale of where we’re going, internally we see a lot of pieces being pieced together.” A lot of things are moving in the right direction and getting entrenched.”

This resulted in Frances being summoned to the judge Twitter: “Case of Giants: No one buys what the judge sells. His tone and taking are as bad as performance.”

The week before that, the judge tried to see the silver lining after losing 20-9 to the Miami Dolphins in Week 13.

“There are a lot of things I’ve seen in the way we played that are moving in the right direction,” the judge said. “A lot of guys got up in different positions.”

And Frances was there Twitter To call BS: “The Giants lose 20-9, they can’t find the end zone and Judge Joe is ‘delighted.’ On the podium he looks like an idiot chatting.”

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