Millions of Americans in Several States Are at Increased Risk of Winter Power Outages –

Millions of Americans in Several States Are at Increased Risk of Winter Power Outages –

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  • December 18, 2022
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Millions of Americans in Several States Are at Increased Risk of Winter Power Outages –

(Natural News) Millions of people in several states are at increased risk of power outages this winter.

Texas, New England, the Great Lakes and the American Southeast face “unprecedented” and “widespread” reliability risks this winter, according to the 2023 Winter Assessment Report from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the United States’ grid reliability coordinator. (Related: A quarter of America could experience LONG BLACKOUTS this winter due to power supply problems.)

Additionally, NERC warned that large portions of America’s power grid not mentioned above are also at high risk of being underpowered during peak winter conditions. Energy insiders point out that fuel shortages and an aging power grid play a key role in potential power outages.

The risks of power outages this winter are compounded by the expected increase in demand for heating energy. This, coupled with the hasty and ineffective transition to using primarily “clean” or renewable energy sources and underinvesting in more reliable sources such as fossil fuels, will make energy supplies far less reliable.

Todd Snitchler, president and CEO of the Electric Power Supply Association, wrote in an op-ed for Utility Dive that many people still remember how deadly losing power in the winter can be.

“The terrible toll of winter storm Uri is a sad reminder of how devastating and deadly it can be when power is lost during an extended period of cold weather,” he wrote.


American power grid dangerously outdated, unprepared for the coming winter

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm noted in a letter last month that around 70 percent of the country’s power grid is more than 25 years old. Conservative estimates this year suggest the cost of upgrading critical infrastructure for America’s power grid will be at least $4 trillion, assuming the US continues to supplement energy needs with nuclear power. Without nuclear energy, the price increases by at least $500 million.

President Joe Biden’s administration has approved just $13 billion in funding intended as a stopgap to “modernize and expand” the power grid.

“Given the politics involved in any legislation, it will take time for those funds to get to the states that need the funds,” noted Eric Hendrick, senior risk management consultant at Customized Energy Solutions.

But even if the federal government gave the country all the funding it needs to properly modernize the power grid, energy experts warn that it will be far too late for those modernizations this coming winter, or even the next.

“There is a significant gap to upgrade the aging grid infrastructure to… maintain reliability, and we’re running out of time,” said energy analyst Kim Getgen. “Upgrading legacy infrastructure, system hardening and resiliency measures while addressing the evolving new cyber and physical security threats will require even more investment.”

“It’s important to remember that something as complex as the electrical grid takes time to change,” noted Ted Kury, director of energy studies at the University of Florida. Kury said the regulatory process for new utility projects, including repairs and upgrades, is very slow, no matter how much money is spent on them. If investments are made today, it will take years for people to feel the effects.

Find out more about the predicted power shortages this coming winter at

Watch this clip from InfoWars discussing how electric companies will remotely turn off water heaters for hours a day this winter.

This video is from the InfoWars channel on

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