Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz wants to mutilate your children to ‘protect the rights of LGBTQ people’ – zoohousenews.com

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz wants to mutilate your children to ‘protect the rights of LGBTQ people’ – zoohousenews.com

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz wants to mutilate your children to ‘protect the rights of LGBTQ people’ – zoohousenews.com

(Natural News) In response to several other states that have banned such horrific practices, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, signed an executive order to make Minnesota a safe haven state for children where their genitals are exposed without shame or punishment to be sliced.

Walz’s child-mutilating executive order is said to be “protecting the right of LGBTQ persons from Minnesota and other states to receive gender-affirming healthcare.” Note the use of the phrase “and other states” to suggest that Walz wants to make Minnesota a “gender-affirming” target state for confused, mentally ill minors to destroy their bodies.

“We want every Minnesotan to grow up feeling safe, valued, protected, celebrated and free to exist as their authentic version of themselves,” Walz proudly announced his Executive Against Child Mutilation.

“Protecting and supporting access to gender-affirming healthcare is essential for a welcoming and supportive state,” he added.

In a tweet, Walz added that he and his constituents’ “LGBTQ+ neighbors” will not be deprived or penalized for seeking life-affirming and life-saving medical care.

(Related: Facebook also relishes the idea of ​​children being sexually mutilated through LGBT surgery and drug use.)

Is cutting off children’s genitals really a “life-saving” procedure?

The move comes as Minnesota’s southern neighbor South Dakota banned child mutilation for minors just last month. Oklahoma, Texas and a number of other states have either already done so or plan to follow suit.


To differentiate his state from the rest, Walz decided to address child mutilation on behalf of all of Minnesota and proudly opened his state to child mutilation tourism by making it a destination for such procedures.

Walz has yet to explain how he concluded that destroying children’s ability to reproduce and grow, while stunting their development and forever preventing their bodies from functioning normally, is “life-saving.” And no one in the media bothered to even ask him.

As far as we can tell, destroying a child’s delicate endocrine system is absolutely not life-saving. Castrating boys and removing the breasts from young girls only creates a path to lifelong misery and suffering, something which Walz apparently supports.

“The most obvious argument LGBTQ+++™ activists often make is that if parents do not allow the children in their care to be surgically mutilated, it will lead to their suicide,” writes Ben Bartee for The Daily Bell.

“But if said children wish to have their genitals cut off and/or undergo hormone replacement therapy (thereby preventing the natural, biologically necessary process of puberty) to the point where they will attempt suicide if given such liberties denied, it is a mental health problem.”

If Walz were a good and honest man of integrity, he would acknowledge the reality that the best course of treatment for so-called “trans” youth is psychological therapy, and not give in to their whimsical demands to go under the knife and take hormones. Drugs bother you for the rest of your life.

The fact of the matter is that “gender-affirming” procedures are highly profitable procedures, which is a major reason certain sections of society push them as aggressively toward children as they are.

dr Ellen Clayton of Vanderbilt Health’s Transgender Health Clinic shamefully boasted about all the money generated by these surgeries. Below you can see her talk about the profit streams that result from the mutilation of children and the destruction of their lives:

“If we have learned one thing from COVID, it is that the profit-seeking medical industry has no interest in the well-being of patients,” Bartee continues. “If it can make money at the expense of their patients, it’s as good as a dollar actually helping them improve their health.” It’s all about the Benjamins.”

How close are we to finally seeing the child mutilators thrown into the sea with a millstone around their necks? Learn more at Transhumanism.news.

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