More Sophisticated Chinese Cyber ​​Attacks Target US Firms, Government Agencies, Defense Contractors –

More Sophisticated Chinese Cyber ​​Attacks Target US Firms, Government Agencies, Defense Contractors –

More Sophisticated Chinese Cyber ​​Attacks Target US Firms, Government Agencies, Defense Contractors –

(Natural News) Chinese state-sponsored hackers have hit businesses in the United States in a new wave of more sophisticated cyberattacks.

Researchers and analysts at Google’s Mandiant division have discovered that Chinese state-sponsored hackers have infiltrated systems not normally the target of cyberespionage over the past year, marking a whole new level of Chinese state-sponsored ingenuity and sophistication . (Related: 2 Hackers Charged with Illegal Access to Federal Law Enforcement Database.)

Instead of infiltrating systems behind strong corporate firewalls, Chinese hackers target devices at the edge of the network, sometimes the firewalls themselves, and software developed by other companies running on computers that don’t typically use antivirus, the researchers said Endpoint detection software that would provide an extra layer of security against attempted cyberattacks.

According to Charles Carmakal, Mandiant’s chief technology officer, these attacks routinely exploit previously undetected vulnerabilities in software. These new methods of cyberattacks are “much more difficult for us to study,” he said.

“And it’s certainly exponentially more difficult for victims to detect these intrusions themselves,” added Carmakal. “Even with our hunting techniques, they have a hard time finding it.”

Carmakal further noted that the scale of Chinese intrusions into American and Western targets is likely far greater than what Mandial has discovered, due to the extreme level of stealth and sophistication used in the intrusion attempts.


“There is a lot of burglary activity that goes undetected,” Carmakal warned.

Cyberattacks related to a state-sponsored Chinese hacking group

Mandial has linked the new wave of cyberattacks to a suspected China Nexus hacking group based on the profile of some of its victims, including some who have been repeatedly struck by a “high level of novel craftsmanship and sophistication”. The resources required for such cyber attacks speak strongly for government funding.

Additionally, Mandial analysts were able to identify obscure malware codes only known to have been used by threat actors based in China.

China, for its part, routinely denies hacking into companies or government data portals. The communist nation instead blames the United States and its allies for sponsoring cyberattacks.

Senior US officials have long viewed the Chinese Communist Party as the country’s top cyberespionage threat, and for years have been alarmed by the relative success of Chinese hacking groups in compromising the classified data of military targets and defense contractors in order to steal advanced military technology .

Intelligence agencies have come to the same conclusion as Mandial, observing that the craft of suspected state-sponsored Chinese hacking groups has improved dramatically in recent years.

In an annual global threat assessment, US officials found that China “poses probably the broadest, most active, and most persistent cyberespionage threat to US government and private sector networks right now.”

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