mRNA Covid Injections Causing Drastic Personality Changes in Some Recipients: WHY?  –

mRNA Covid Injections Causing Drastic Personality Changes in Some Recipients: WHY? –

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  • December 19, 2022
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mRNA Covid Injections Causing Drastic Personality Changes in Some Recipients: WHY?  –

(Natural News) Last month, attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich during a meeting of the International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC) Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, Prof. Dr. Karina Reiss, Dr. Naomi Wolf and Dr. Peter R. Breggin on the damaging effects of mRNA “vaccination” on Covid. One of the topics they discussed was how the shots damage the tiny capillaries in the brain, crossing the blood-brain barrier and causing extensive brain damage, often resulting in extreme personality changes.

Some who take the mRNA shots end up experiencing broken wills, which is not exactly a normal side effect of a “vaccine.” What are these things doing to people to change the way their brains work? That was the subject of the discussion, which you can view either below or in the full synopsis.

During the interview, Wolf explained what “people’s will-breaking” looks like in real life after the injection, while Breggin highlighted the disturbing parallels between what the mRNA injections do to the brain and the effects of an actual lobotomy.

It quickly becomes clear from their discussion that the Covid injection campaign is indeed one of the most brutal and cruel crimes against humanity ever committed – and all in the name of “public health” no less. (Related: Some level of heart damage occurs in every person who is vaccinated with mRNA.)

Once healthy and lively people have become “docile” and forgetful after the injection, Fuellmich says

One of the things that Fuellmich and his wife have personally noticed is that the waiters at local restaurants that were once full of life, very perceptive and interactive are no longer their normal selves. Some of them keep forgetting things and have to go back to the table, while others are now “docile” when they had strong personalities before.


Wolf explained that she noticed that too. And there are reasons Bhakdi said it’s caused by breaking the blood-brain barrier and inserting mRNA into brain tissue. And the plan, which Bhakdi further revealed in several presentations he has given, is to eventually have all “vaccines” contain mRNA.

“What people don’t understand is that all mRNA vaccines are dangerous and will be life threatening,” Bhakdi told the audience. “It doesn’t matter if the vaccine codes for the spike protein, for the measles protein, for the flu – it doesn’t matter. Why? Because the whole danger of the vaccine lies in the ability of the immune system to recognize non-self.”

The damage to the nervous system caused by this can be measured and observed in concrete terms, which underlines the discussion. In many cases, people who have been bitten are no longer themselves and express unusual emotions that were not part of who they were before the injections.

“People, colleagues of mine, would think much more dualistically after the injection, much more rigidly – and if you know the structure of the brain, that makes sense,” Wolf continues to explain her observations.

“When people’s thinking is more rigid and the neural structures are damaged, that seems like something worth asking more questions about. I also knew that people were much angrier, less able to modulate emotions – more primal responses to provocation. People have also said the changes are affective — people who were previously warm and loving are cold, distant, or cut off from other people.”

There’s more on all of this in the full interview, which is worth watching in its entirety above.

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