My mad dash to catch up in time for Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion

Endwalker Coming, I’m not ready for that. I came to Final Fantasy XIV Only this year, his skin was torn off world reborn And towards the sky Before giving up the game somewhere in the middle storm, which are generally considered inferior to other FFXIV expansions.

Then the tidings of another success for the expansion, kindly re-ignited my desire to resume my journey, hopefully to finish in time. Endwalkerrelease. I had no illusions about being able to control the content of the one-and-a-half expansions before December 8th, but I could try, and trying would mean bypassing storm first. So I suggest trying: Final Fantasy XIV It will be down for maintenance at 4AM EST in preparation for a new patch and opening Endwalker Early access for the lucky ones. If I can finish storm Before the servers crash, I’ll be in a good place to get close to the end Shadow sails Just in time to start Endwalker If not by launch day, then in the same week. can i do that

Without knowing where you’ve been to storm I answered yes, the main story mission line and dedicated to the foolish idea of ​​keeping my locker and wizard jobs equally.

One thing I appreciate about it Final Fantasy XIV It is that he respects your time. If you want to play multiple chapters in other MMO games – like world of cans – You have to level different characters for each class, often forcing you to repeat the content. Final FantasyThe action system allows you to seamlessly level as many classes as you want on the same character. I can jump between my armored tanks and astro wizard as I progress through the main story mission with relative ease. I’ve even developed a way to keep these two classes close to level. two levels on my gun cannon, then go to my astronomer and catch it, rinse and repeat. It’s not a perfect system. Sometimes, I’ve been so far ahead of the main story mission in one chapter that when I move on to the other chapter, I don’t meet With the level requirements to continue, which forced me to stop the progression and grind a bit to make up for the XP loss.

Now you’ll think of a crazy dash to the end storm Before server maintenance locked me in with the game, I would have forsaken this twisty leveling dance in favor of picking and playing one class. You will be wrong.

I, like Thanos, am a creature of balance. If my class levels are too far out of sync, there is a greater chance of leaving one class behind on meaningless side quests to catch up. I hate grinding with a passion. There’s a reason I’ve only created one character in a decade of playing it world of cans. I enjoy both classes so much that I can’t leave one behind because of my stubborn refusal to grind, and this rule stuck even when time was of the essence.

My gunk, as cute as a button is.

Around midnight, I had about 700,000 XP to go even outside of my class levels and unlock the next main story mission. You decide to jump across the map to complete Destinies, which are timed missions with big XP rewards that anyone can participate in. I was alone, ending fate, when a player joined me. I didn’t understand their names, but when we were done with destiny, they made the expression of a kiss thank you. I went to the next fate, and they were there again, and again for the fate after that. loved it. Our things were temporarily aligned (maybe they needed a quick grinding session as I did), and we had this human connection and cooperation while we never spoke to each other, communicating only in feelings. For a moment, there was a fake link – and as quickly as it came, it was over.

I’ve devoted most of my life playing MMOs to being a damage dealer because I didn’t think I could take the responsibility that comes with being a tank or a healer. You can generally battle with a bad damage dealer, but if the tank or healer sucks, it’s game over. I decided to get out of my comfort zone by playing in those classes FFXIVAnd while my confidence in these roles has improved, I can still worry when it comes time to make a dungeon story. I spent an incredible time last night trying to level my wizard to 70 because, even though my treasury was already at level 70 it could go on to finish the last dungeon, thus ending storm With time to spare, I was aghast To lock that dungeon. The single dungeon boss battle was so complicated with so many mechanics to remember and watch out for that I thought there was no way to get through it without killing the party, wasting precious time. I spent so much time I couldn’t really afford to get a therapist to 70 so I could do the easiest (but incredibly stressful) job of healing.

I turned 70 on my treatment by 3 AM. Servers drop in an hour, my eyes are sunken and bent over the keyboard, but I made it. Once I’m done with this dungeon, I’m done. And this should be a quick task because while damage dealers have to wait extremely long periods of time to get into a dungeon, healers don’t, because their demand generally increases as the supply decreases. I entered the queue and waited.

and wait.

Oh shit.

What I thought would be an instant queue continually stretched because my stupid sleep-deprived ass didn’t realize most people were still playing Final Fantasy XIV An hour before server maintenance, you’ll probably have better things to do than waiting in a dungeon since an expansion period.

I’ve waited 20 minutes – an unimaginable amount of time as a therapist – thinking that my quest to finish storm Before time runs out it will end here in failure. Of course, I could have come back after maintenance and try again, but I was disappointed that I came close to achieving my perfect goal. I look away to tweet my failure, my hand moving toward the escape button when I’m done so I can sign out of shame. I almost missed the “Getting Started” box informing me that the party was full and the dungeon was waiting for me. I almost clicked “check out” all of a sudden.

2021 12 02 7

The queue showed up at 3:17 AM

My fears about this dungeon turned out to be unfounded. My group did light work with its boss, Shinryu, barely scratching, let alone dying. We blew it up like wet tissue paper, although the dungeon guide video I saw made me think this boss would wipe the party for the slightest mistake. To the seven of you who queued storm Dungeon in the last minutes before the server shuts down, thank you.

Once Shinryu died, after many dramatic scenes, she arrived stormEnds with less than 30 minutes to spare.

I won’t miss storm. It was a typical revolution story that did not seem to match the grandeur of the stories that came before it. and while storm The way did not move me towards the sky And world reborn Doing so, this experience has definitely improved my general impression of it. Mine, storm It was an expansion of the journey, not the destination, and this time, the end of the journey was the best. I’ll take a look at the traveling companions who accompanied me during the last minutes of storm Fondly, though, I won’t remember their names nor much of what happened in this expansion. now only Shadow sails Standing between me and my trip to the moon EndwalkerAnd from what I hear, it’s the best of the best.

Will I do it through Shadow sails just in time for Endwalker? Mostly not. But I’ve run unwisely fast sprints Final Fantasy Content from before, and by twelve, I can do it again.

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