NATO, US in trouble as Russia expands militarily and moves hypersonic missiles near Ukraine –

NATO, US in trouble as Russia expands militarily and moves hypersonic missiles near Ukraine –

NATO, US in trouble as Russia expands militarily and moves hypersonic missiles near Ukraine –

(Natural News) We believe the Russian military is performing poorly in Ukraine, suffering tens of thousands of deaths and casualties being repulsed by a “superior” Ukrainian army armed with Western (mainly US) weapons.

This is the line fed to us by the same corporate media and globalist elites that stole Donald Trump’s re-election and claimed that COVID-19 vaccines are 100 percent safe.

So it comes as no surprise that a newly released analysis not only refutes all the nonsense about Russia’s alleged military ineptitude, but also indicates that Moscow is dramatically expanding its armed forces and preparing to equip them with nuclear-capable missiles that are so fast that there are no credible missile defenses against them, not even the vaunted US-built Patriot 3 or the Israeli Iron Dome systems.

“Russia announced yesterday that it will increase its military strength from 1 million to 1.5 million. The Western press continues to peddle the propaganda that this is all because Russia has lost momentum and many soldiers in Ukraine,” Armstrong Economics’ Martin Armstrong noted this week. “I previously reported that sources in Ukraine, not Russia, put the death toll at over 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers. That was also in the EU leader’s draft speech, but was removed to maintain the image of Ukraine winning.”

He went on to discuss other developments, including the US/NATO plan to dramatically expand certain militaries within the alliance – countries that we know will fight if they have to (ie not Germany).


“What is not being said here is that Poland has been ordered by the US to increase its military from 100,000 to 250,000 to make it the largest military force in NATO. It’s only a 14-hour drive from Warsaw to Moscow. This, in addition to NATO’s plans to involve Finland and Sweden, also played a role in this decision,” Armstrong continued.

He further pointed out that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, of course with President Vladimir Putin’s blessing, has announced an increase in Russia’s military from 1 million to 1.5 million, a massive 50 percent increase “to ensure compliance.” guarantee of tasks to ensure the security of Russia.”

For some perspective, Armstrong pointed out that “China has about 2 million and the US about 1.4 million,” while “North Korea has 1,280,000 active with another 600,000 in reserve” and “Belarus has an army of just 62,000 with 344,750 has in reserve. ”

However, his numbers for the US military are wrong; Its number of 1.4 million is the current active service component. There are approximately 800,000 reservists, not all of whom are ‘ready reserves’.

Still, his point is clear: Russia is rearming and preparing to deploy a legitimate superweapon that cannot be stopped.

“Currently in Russia, 120,000 to 140,000 men are called up twice a year for a year-long post-duty trip,” writes Armstrong. “What is becoming very obvious is that the West wants war. There is no desire for peace whatsoever. That changed the game.”

Then he went on to insult the corrupt Western media.

“The Western press only spreads propaganda about Ukraine’s victory while ignoring the mobilization of NATO, which clearly expects war,” he said. “The road to 2023 will not only be about Ukraine. One has to be blind not to see that the West is clearly preparing for war.

“Russia is now reacting to this. With Poland increasing its army to 250,000, this poses a serious threat to Russia,” he further noted.

At the same time, Armstrong points out that Putin’s military is studying the performance of US weapons systems made available to Ukraine to modernize its own armed forces, even though Ukraine, in turn, is not receiving the best systems that the US military possesses. Still, it’s a lesson Putin is learning.

Finally, he notes that “Russia will begin to deploy more hypersonic weapons and notes that the first warship equipped with state-of-the-art Zircon hypersonic missiles will enter service with the Navy next month. There is no question that defending against Russia’s hypersonic weapons is unlikely to be possible.

“Russia used some hypersonic missiles in Ukraine. Our sources believe this was more to intimidate NATO and the United States,” he added.

The only thing that can stop a hypersonic missile is a faster or preferably laser weapon traveling at the speed of light – the fastest known means of transportation in our world.

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